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  1. If you are a projectFLY user and have been experiencing bugs after enabling their X-Plane bridge plugin please install this new plugin. https://github.com/benrussell/Open.FlyBridge/releases For the back story on how and why this new plugin was created see this blog post: http://blog.x-plugins.com/2018/09/projectfly-bridge-plugin-rewrite.html
  2. Ben Russell

    projectFLY user? I have a plugin update for you..

    If you're not having any issues with the official plugin you don't need this one. I don't keep track of where they're at. I fixed a problem we were having in September 2018.
  3. Ben Russell

    Fail to Update v1.1.9

    Two people helping isn't no one. Just because you don't like the answers or that it takes time to figure out doesn't mean you have to be rude.
  4. Ben Russell

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Some time between now and the heat death of the universe.
  5. Ben Russell

    Fail to Update v1.1.9

    Your anti virus is blocking gizmo from contacting the license server via http.
  6. Ben Russell

    Error code

    Does anything different happen if you use the Saab scroll wheel manipulator -before- you attempt to use the RXP product? The error message is indicative of state-desynch inside the Saab code. I'm wondering if using the manip at least once will put it into a safer state.
  7. Ben Russell

    Violation of "basic rules"

    World Peace with xEnviro 1.1 ... if it's ever released. Try turning off the IXEG vortices in the IXEG graphics preferences. It's officially not the fault of Gizmo or xE... it was some weird bug that has been resolved that will probably go away if xE 1.1 ever ships. (I have a Direct Message from Andrey Sheyback, developer of xE - stating the above. Blame has been thrown around from one party to the other for literally years now. They have it resolved, but I can't release their products for them so we're all stuck in this boat together.)
  8. Ben Russell

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Gizmo is not available for Linux.
  9. Ben Russell


    It's probably your anti virus software.
  10. Ben Russell

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

  11. Ben Russell

    X-Aviation Licensing

    https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/password_forgotten.php Change it to something else. I've never figured out exactly what causes this bug because I can't exactly ask people "What's your password? What special chars does it have in it?" Changing it to something else that has basic letters, numbers and "simple" special symbols (North American character set) should work fine.
  12. Ben Russell

    X-Aviation TBM-900 Improvements desired

    Stick to Carenado's product range, their in depth complexity is probably more suited to your attitude.
  13. Ben Russell

    Update/grade for LES340.

    Bear in mind that the LES Saab v1.x is now 5.5 years on the market:
  14. Ben Russell

    Does RWC require an update?

    Gizmo handles the data download function for RWC. Gizmo does not currently support HTTPS. This will affect XP10 and XP11. An update of some kind will be required.
  15. Ben Russell

    Can´t register my license

    Expect more problems in two weeks when the license wants to be rechecked. Move xplane out of program files folder permanently.
  16. Ben Russell

    Saab/Gizmo install problems

    You have xplane installed in c:/program files x86/... Windows protects this folder and is likely causing glitches. Move the xplane folder somewhere else. Try your desktop for now or somewhere inside your user folder.
  17. Ben Russell

    Wow got a warning from x-plane.org forum

    Perspective is also important. How much did you spend on groceries last time you shopped? How much does it cost to fill your car? The amount of fuss people make about the cost of software products with free updates lasting years relative to the other expenses in life would be laughable if it wasn't so depressing.
  18. Ben Russell

    I have skymaxpro 3, Can i get a discount for version 4?

    I asked for a loyalty discount at the gas station today. They told me to get lost.. Rip off merchants.
  19. Ben Russell

    TBM 900 Activation fail

    Do you have an anti virus package installed? Recently (in the last six months) we've started seeing that anti virus packages are silently blocking HTTP communications on Windows machines. Adding an exception for X-Plane to allow it to use http comms generally fixes the problem. Can you please also provide your GizmoLog.txt from the X-Plane folder, this will show a little more information about your problem. Thanks..
  20. Ben Russell

    Next update?

    I think the underlying message is that the team is busy with various family and professional commitments and that any form of commitment or projection of future plans for release are likely to setup expecations within the community that might not be fully met as life unfolds. It's better to publish the feature list contained in an update, and a date of availability for the update, when the update is actually ready to publish. This keeps expectations and promises more realistic. The community also needs to bear in mind that while some key members of the team are busy with high profile obligations their pre-existing products have been supported in the market for 10 years with free updates. The IXEG project was purely self driven with no funding at all for five years before release. The technologies it relies on are created and maintained by myself, and I've been in the X-Plane arena for nearly 15 years. In short: "Reports of IXEG's death are greatly exagerrated."
  21. Ben Russell

    Next update?

    Don't give away all the secrets at once, Jan.
  22. Ben Russell

    CTD and Black Screen

    Log file is very strange. Contains several different days of data indicated by timestamp. Truncated. Very odd.. Try rebooting your computer... X-Plane might be stuck as a zombie process somehow. Might be an easy fix while you wait for more advice.
  23. Ben Russell

    Saab340 strange behaviour.

    Default airplanes use the new xp audio engine. The Saab uses custom code designed for Xp10. I've requested feedback from Laminar.
  24. Ben Russell

    Saab340 strange behaviour.

    This is likely a bug with Xplane 11 and it's new audio engine. The Saab has been on the market for five years and these are the first two reports we've had of this bug. Will raise with Laminar but your patience is appreciated.
  25. Ben Russell

    No Sound

    You can install a second copy of xplane using the xp demo installer.