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    Check you audio files guys

    Documentation for the OpenAL function that consumes the audio data after it's extracted from the WAV file container. There is no mention of padding requirements. There is a mention of data interleaving requirements for stereo files. Perhaps (and this is pure guess work) the warning message being thrown is for stereo-format files where the interleave data is missing a trailing byte. (Say: 30 samples for left data and 29 for right...) If OP wants to chime in and provide more facts about what's actually wrong, what tool they were using or how to interpret the cropped screenshot they provided I could make more meaningful progress. Bottom line: there are no errors logged against this for thousands of customers and varied hardware running it.
  2. Ben Russell

    Check you audio files guys

    I have my doubts that OP even understands the warning message he's interpreting. I re-read the WAV file specs. It could be as simple as a single byte missing from a number of different chunk types. <WAVE-form> → RIFF('WAVE' <fmt-ck> // Format [<fact-ck>] // Fact chunk [<cue-ck>] // Cue points [<playlist-ck>] // Playlist [<assoc-data-list>] // Associated data list <wave-data> ) // Wave data https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAV#Specification RIFF files consist entirely of "chunks". The overall format is identical to IFF, except for the endianness as previously stated, and the different meaning of the chunk names. All chunks have the following format: 4 bytes: an ASCII identifier for this chunk (examples are "fmt " and "data"; note the space in "fmt "). 4 bytes: an unsigned, little-endian 32-bit integer with the length of this chunk (except this field itself and the chunk identifier). variable-sized field: the chunk data itself, of the size given in the previous field. a pad byte, if the chunk's length is not even. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_Interchange_File_Format Given that we have no bug reports on this issue in so long I'm going to error on the side of mundane and meaningless. Had the OP named the chunk-type that was throwing the warning message it would add more weight to the post. Had the OP named the tool he used to generate the warning scan it would've made investigations easier. @parsec Thanks for the notes regarding data-format matching and mixer overheads. Note worthy info that's easy to overlook. In the grand scheme of things with 8 core machines and everything from crap on board sound to dedicated gaming sound chips it probably doesn't make a huge difference. I'm honestly not sure if the OpenAL calls we use run in the game thread or their own. I suspect on Apple hardware at least it runs in a seperate thread. (My brain is ringing bells from reading crash dumps where OpenAL is in a thread of its own...)
  3. Ben Russell

    Check you audio files guys

    Like what? I have no open bugs against this issue. Genuinely curious. Share your wisdom.
  4. Ben Russell

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

  5. Ben Russell

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

    So: 1. Andrey has already put a warning label on his software stating that his plugin might not work with some addons. 2. Andrey has admitted that the problem with the Saab/IXEG/Gizmo is his/x-plane's problem and that he is working on a fix. 3. We should put a warning label on our products just to make you happy? Go find something else to do.
  6. Ben Russell

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

    The. Author. Of. xEnviro. Has. Traced. This. Bug. It. Is.. A. Problem.With. xEnviro. This is not up for debate. The technical work has been done. We assisted where possible. The cause has been found. It's. not. my. problem. Factual reality. Please join it.
  7. Ben Russell

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

    Or you could argue that you donate to xEnviro because the bug is their problem. There is literally not a single thing I can do about it. They have admitted they're on track to a fix and have discovered that it is their problem. What would you have me do? Ask them for source code to their product? Your attitude is laughable.
  8. Ben Russell

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

    By their own admission, this is not my problem. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/149092-xe-and-gizmo/&amp;tab=comments#comment-1428322
  9. Ben Russell

    Low FPS in stormy conditions

    While your i5 might be "working fine" it's also working at almost half the speed of a modern i7. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Core+i5-2500K+%40+3.30GHz&amp;id=804
  10. Ben Russell

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

    FYI: The authors of xEnviro are aware of the problem and are working on a solution.
  11. Ben Russell

    License / Deauthorise

    Date shown is the date the machine was registered to the system. Probably correlates to installation date for most people. They're probably from Windows Update. X-Plane version has no effect. It's an OS fingerprint.
  12. Ben Russell

    Saab 340A ICAO identifier

    Should be fine. Just don't change the author or description data which is used to locate the product in your purchase history and license data.
  13. Ben Russell


    Quote your ticket number here. Be patient. Sending multiple emails will reset your position in the ticket queue. Quoted delay is 3 days. If it's been two days and you send another email out of frustration you'll end up waiting upto five days. From the contact page: "Please do not send multiple e-mails or this will delay our response to you!"
  14. Ben Russell

    Crash in the middle of the flight

    Try some flights in a different location.
  15. Ben Russell

    Saab 340 - can't get it to work

    Glad we got a result! I'll make a note to "offer an update check if a new unlicensed product is detected" for a future release...
  16. Ben Russell

    Crash in the middle of the flight

    Log data is inconclusive but does show you opened the X-Plane map window and then five minutes later X-Plane crashes while(or just after) loading DSF files.
  17. Ben Russell

    Saab 340 - can't get it to work

    Did you click this button? (Marked in yellow..)
  18. Ben Russell

    Does MaxxFx work in naitive V.R ..?

    Always a good idea to include a URL with your counter arguments. "Reality for XP" leads nowhere in Google. If you mean the Reality-XP series of GPS units.. Laminars basic stance is that: - Mods and instruments -inside- the cockpit will continue to work as they already do. - Global drawing plugins like SkyMAXX and MaXX FX are hosed. Nerfing the global plugins gets them a big gain in rendering performance(FPS) and a small number of products broken for "a while". Nerfing the custom avionics and instruments for cockpit internals would break most, if not all, the custom third party aircraft that users have come to use and love, which would leave the sim pretty much dead in the water and piss off nearly every user they have. It's annoying but it also lines up with the customer base growth of VR users. It's still a growing minority group and we have a fairly long, slow timeline ahead to resolve this. Changes are coming to the sim that will allow higher-performance drawing on the global sim stage, we just have to wait for Laminar to add them and document them.
  19. Ben Russell

    Is BluFX back?

    Further food for thought: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/richard-lewis-instagram-photos-100000-dollars-new-york-new-portraits-copyright-2015-5 An "artist" is literally making large format prints of Instagram content that someone else produced and selling it. Grey area. Dubious. etc. Basically, don't be an ass. Create something original.
  20. Ben Russell

    Is BluFX back?

    No. It went a little deeper than that. First, it requires actual OpenGL code to be written. Second, it was a blatant copy of a commercial product. In itself, perfectly legal if somewhat dubious ethically. Third, it was basically a verbatim copy down to the theme names, GUI layout and whatever else occured at the time. More like this: In the "online world" this is "perfectly ok" ... according to the vocal masses who'll turn a blind eye to literally anything. In the "real world" Customs and Border Control will seize and destroy counterfeit goods without a second thought. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-12/french-authorities-destroy-luxury-fakes/4747708
  21. Ben Russell

    Is BluFX back?

    Crying about crying... Cryception! Let's go deeper.
  22. If you upload X-Plane / Log.txt there might be a clue in there for us.
  23. Ben Russell

    Updated website

    The answers you seek are contained within this very thread. You've rasied the issue and only one user is chiming in. If it was a bigger issue surely this very thread would be alive with voices chiming in about how it would make a dramatic difference to the world of X-Plane if it was a more lively feature. It's not, and it wouldn't. You might find refreshing this site a more productive use of everyones time. We do: https://www.thresholdx.net/ Respectfully...
  24. Ben Russell

    IXEG 737 XP11 Realistic FOV?

  25. Ben Russell

    Garmin G530

    Are you running on a large Hi-DPI display? Can you reset your X-Plane UI scaling factor to 100%? Does this help? 11.20 is a mess.