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  1. mrene

    [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    I get very high frame rates but with stutter every 5 seconds which is more visible when taxiing. Perhaps a solution would be to change the frequency that the plugin reads data (less data but more frequent) at the expense of a little frame rate loss. This sophisticated aircraft has amazingly higher frame rates as compared to similar complex aircrafts. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. mrene

    SkyMaxx Pro 2.0 Has Been Released!

    Thank you for your quick reply. In fact, HDR was off, and the problem went away with HDR on. Hope this helps troubleshoot. Not a big issue for me, it only happens with this plane (so far) and will be turning on HDR, or cloud shadows off as options. Michel.
  3. mrene

    SkyMaxx Pro 2.0 Has Been Released!

    Hello Thank you for a great add-on to X-Plane. I just flew the Embraer 145 with cloud shadow ON and get a pixelated fuselage. This disappears when turning off cloud shadow. Any ideas? (see pictures below) This problem does not appear with other planes. Mac os X (Maverick), X-Plane 10.25. Cloud Shadow ON: Cloud Shadow OFF:
  4. Hello Phillip I am running X-Plane 9.70 due to my computer's graphics limitation but the CRJ-200 flies like wonders. Since upgrading to Maverick, the CRJ-200 has stopped working. I suspect the issue is the same as what has been identified for X-Plane 10.2+ users. Would it be possible for you to provide XP9.70 users the same Mac plugin update nonetwork patch that resolved the issue for XP10 users? Best regards Michel p.s. I attached the log.txt of my last CRJ load up. Log.txt
  5. Thank you so much ! Sorry about that, I had skimmed through the operating manual and missed this one Happy holidays to all ! M.
  6. Thank you, Loading back the Beech Duchess after the J32, restores the working yoke and pedals. Hope this helps ! Michel
  7. Hi Cameron, I have a CH product yoke and pedals with two Sytek Throttle quadrant. Throttles and RPM work (Sytek), could it be a compatibility issue with CH products (yoke and pedal)? Thanks for looking into this ! Michel
  8. Hello, Thank you for a great aircraft. Unfortunately, I lose the pitch, roll and yaw axis when I load the J32. Before startup, I set up my yoke, throttle quadrant and pedal axis using another plane as you required. Then, when I load the J32, the only axis that are working are the throttle and prop RPM. Therefore I cannot fly this plane. Could you help find a solution. Mac OS X.8.2 X-Plane 9.70 Mac book pro. Thanks in advance Michel
  9. mrene

    I'm taking a break

    Sincere condoleances to the families and population of Norway. My heart goes to you throughout your healing. Michel
  10. mrene

    Take Command! future products?

    Hi Flying the CRJ-200 is exhilarating. Is there any consideration in extending the CRJ-200 to the -700? Could this approach minimize the development effort and offer a derivative of the -200? Cheers ! Michel
  11. mrene

    Saab 340A Release Info

    Goran The Beech Duchess knocked my socks off, worth any kind of wait for this level of perfection. All I can say is keep up the good work ! Michel
  12. mrene

    CRJ-200 Released!

    Try loading up a plane that does not use Gizmo first (i.e cirrus the jet). (I had to temporarily remove the x737 from my plane folder) Then load the CRJ, everything should be fine. M.
  13. A quick note to say that the x737 plane Gizmo plugin was the cause of my only crash. I unfortunately removed the x737 plane, then loaded up the CRJ200 and everything worked fine. Michel
  14. mrene

    CRJ-200 Released!

    Congratulations for the great work done ! I love the smell of the fresh paint seen here at the customer delivery center ! Cheers Michel
  15. mrene


    Yellow runway edge light? The scenery is coming along nicely ! Michel