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  1. I have retry again... So, since the 1.21 update, XP crash when SpadNext try to send a command.
  2. Hello Litjan,

    sorry for disturb but i have a very very  problem.

    VoiceCommander is broken since 1.21

    When i send command thru SpadNext, XPlane Crash to Desktop immediately.

    Sure, all "my" users have this issue, but i think all SpadNext users (for goflight or Saitek harware will have this problem)

    I send you a piece of the Xplane Log after some crash. Sometimes, i have nothing in log because XP crash too fast.

    When he have time to write in Log, all users have something like that:

    SPAD::INFO ServiceWorker: SetValue ixeg/733/bleedair/bleedair_isovalve_act 0
    SPAD::INFO ServiceWorker: SetValue ixeg/733/bleedair/bleedair_isovalve_act 0
    SPAD::INFO ServiceWorker: SetValue ixeg/733/bleedair/bleedair_isovalve_act 0
    SPAD::INFO ServiceWorker: SetValue ixeg/733/bleedair/bleedair_isovalve_act 0
    --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Gizmo64}==--


    Please, could we have a look with your team on this issue.

    Haw can i help you for search the problem.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Have a good day, best regards


  3. Hello, if you have some problem with your 737 VoiceCommander Addon after update, please replace the datarefs.txt and commands.txt in the plane folder with those 2 files wich are in your VoiceCommander installer folder. Some datarefs and commands exist in VC files and not in IXEG files. If needed, sure you can redownload your VoiceCommander installer in your user's download section on : https://xplane.amisinformatique.com/ Thanks All
  4. Hello, VoiceCommander B737 IXEG v1.01 is available for all customers. Just a little update for add the possibility to command: "Set barometer to standard" and few corrections. Have a good day. Download on: https://xplane.amisinformatique.com
  5. Sloboda

    Gizmo is break after install beta 8.

    Yes !!! I have search an remove all files from X-Aviation and Gizmo. I have success to activate without any problem. Thanks for all
  6. Sloboda

    Gizmo is break after install beta 8.

    Yes, each time i retry i delete it
  7. Sloboda

    Gizmo is break after install beta 8.

    Cameron, i'm very very sorry for disturbish. I have try many possibilities. I have try to copy license_db from XP10 to XP11 too but nothing work. Like you know i have develop VoiceCommander so i will try to resolve quickly for make test on new XP versions. Have a good day. Best regards Guillaume
  8. Sloboda

    Gizmo is break after install beta 8.

    OK Cameron, perhaps because i can't find any "license_db.bin" in my X-Plane/X-Aviation ? Like you can see on pictures, i have retry to follow the procedure. You can it say License was updated but show the error on lua script. You can see it not create the license_db.bin in the folder. I hope you could tell me what happen. Thanks for your help.
  9. Sloboda

    Gizmo is break after install beta 8.

    I had not see message writted on 19/08. IXEG 1.2 Re Installed Files deleted. That's not working. Sorry.
  10. Hello, i have try to Re install all X-Aviation. Impossible to repair. Gizmo don't want to start.
  11. Hello, great news. Thank you very mucg for the update, i will check if VoiceCommander stay compatible yet.
  12. SpadNext is the communication link for VoiceCommander. That's absolutly can't work without it.
  13. Hello, sorry for late answer, i have not recieve the notification. If your Windows is in Russian, he will recognize your accent. if you want, you can't change all the sentences in commands and replace with Russians commands. SpadNext, at start, has been created for use Saitek panels, Goflight systems, joysticks etc..... You can assign all what you want and especially, you can use custom datarefs, what is you can't do with only XPlane parameters. Visit the website for know more about SpadNext: http://www.spadnext.com/home.html Have a good day.
  14. Sloboda

    Is there a command for Fuel Test ?

    Hello XPJ, 737 is out. Have a good day.
  15. Hello, after several months of work, i'm really happy to present VoiceCommander Pro for the IXEG 737. Since v1.1, all work fine and i have can create 328 vocals commnands, 5 full procedures. A really good copilot profile. VoiceCommander Pro is available on https://xplane.amisinformatique.com/ The demo is on Youtube: