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  1. Playback error

    It would be nice if LR could somehow "disable" dataref checks against hardware whenever replay mode is active... just a thought.
  2. AT Disconnect

    Your guess is as good as mine...
  3. AT Disconnect

    I tried with the create_positive_edge_trigger( 21, "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_at_disengage_act", 0, 1 ) and it's working as expected. Is there any particular reason that you need the value to reset back to 0? I did find a way around it though... but it might just be a hack. Simply create both a positive_edge_flip and negative_edge_flip on the same button. This will work exactly like pressing the virtual AT disconnect button on the throttle. create_positive_edge_flip( 21, "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_at_disengage_act", 0, 1, 0 ) create_negative_edge_flip( 21, "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_at_disengage_act", 0, 1, 0 )
  4. AT Disconnect

    Yes, it's weird. I also get the "rattling" with both the AT and AP disconnect manipulators. If I use the "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_toga_act" for example then it's working fine. I'll play around and see if I can find anything...
  5. AT Disconnect

    Makes sense, I never really looked into the create_switch commands. I will see if I can get the AT disengage to work like this...
  6. AT Disconnect

    Ok, but you'll still need to map a button to a command irrespective of whether the command is already available or coded via LUA. So in effect what you need is to be able to map the button to different commands depending on the plane you're flying... if I understand it correctly. Not sure this is possible, but maybe someone has a solution.
  7. AT Disconnect

    Why not just use the Disengage AT command already supplied by IXEG to map to your buttons? You will find it under ixeg - 733 - autopilot in the X-plane Joystick mapping screen. No need for a LUA script.
  8. AT Disconnect

    May I ask what you're trying to achieve with your LUA script?
  9. Rejected Take Off procedure

    Thanks for the info Tom... no wonder my neck hurts after a rejected takeoff.
  10. Rejected Take Off procedure

    I just tried this... got mixed results. But there is definitely brake input from RTO with AT activated. I think you should be well over 80 knots before pulling the throttles back. Strange thing is that the parking brake engages whenever you do an RTO. Is this normal Jan?
  11. Braking force and Ladder

    I think the ladder is part of the BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) variants of the 737. I agree, it would be nice to have this available...
  12. Autothrottle datarefs

    Thanks for the info...
  13. Autothrottle datarefs

    Thanks for the info. I managed to drive my steppers via Arduino and ArdsimX and I'm using the virtual throttle handle angle and comparing it to the value of the actual throttle axis value. My Arduino has a potentiometer which is mapped as the throttle axis so just checking whether there's a difference and then running the stepper to catch up works like a charm. Now I just need to figure out a homemade slip clutch...
  14. [XP11] XP 11 1.02B1 FMC crash

    Hi, It's a pleasure. Jan: Something else which I've picked up... you get a slightly different Gizmo soft crash when you select a STAR and then a transition... and then you line select the chosen transition again. Not standard operating procedure I know... but another potential place where a Gizmo crash can (will) happen. This is not specific to KSFO though... did a quick check at EHAM and same behaviour. Once again... just sharing my findings. Jean GizmoLog.txt
  15. [XP11] XP 11 1.02B1 FMC crash

    Hi Jan / sdflyer, I did a quick "bug finding" exercise in Xplane 10 and it seems as though this soft crash is not related to the version of XP. I could easily (and repeatably) reproduce it. Steps: Load IXEG in Ready to Fly at KMCO rwy 18L On CDU1 select INDEX and then POS Enter KMCO as the Ref Airport Select Route LSK6R Enter LSK1L KMCO into Origin Enter KSFO as Destination Click DEPARR button Select DEP and choose 18L, JAG5 as the SID and AMG as the transition Click DEPARR again Select ARR and select ILS28L (or R), select DYAMD3 as the STAR Selecting any of the 2 transitions will result in Gizmo soft crash FYI: I know I didn't enter the actual route... but this is just to show how to get to the crash. Even with entering the exact same route sdflyer used you will get the crash. Strange thing is that if you select a different STAR first and then you select DYAMD3 then you don't get the crash. Just thought I'd share my findings. Jean GizmoLog.txt