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  1. jfjoubert

    Crashes to desktop when loading

    Ah, ok. In that case the devs will have to investigate...
  2. jfjoubert

    Crashes to desktop when loading

    According to your log file it seems as though it's crashing due to audio device issues... maybe try re-installing / updating your audio drivers.
  3. jfjoubert

    de-authorize confusion

    I can't speak for moving your root folder between HD and SSD, but I had to de-authorise my PC on a number of occasions without me having changed anything on my side. It usually coincides with Windows updates. I just de-authorise the oldest entry in the list and so far so good.
  4. jfjoubert

    Interfacing the CDU

    I had a quick look with FlyWithLua... When you set the dataref to "0" you will get a single click, so there is no need to set it to "1" and then back to "0". I reliably get only one key press using this method. So in theory what you're doing should work. I assume that it's the way Air Manager handles things... maybe you should also post this question on the Air Manager support forum and see if someone can assist you.
  5. jfjoubert

    Copy G1000 to other computer screens

    Yes you can... have a look at the cockpit_builder.cfg file in the root folder of the TBM900. It's all explained within this file.
  6. jfjoubert

    Quarantined Script TBM900

    It's the Xsaitekpanels Configuration for HotStart TBM900. No idea why it would get quarantined though... maybe post your FlyWithLua_Debug.txt from X-Plane root folder. It might contain a clue.
  7. jfjoubert

    Keystroke for Air and GPU?

    As far as I know there aren't any datarefs or commands for the ground services. Maybe it's something IXEG could consider to add in a future update.
  8. jfjoubert

    Livery List & Requests

    There is a "workaround" for this issue... you have to remove your livery paint wherever you've painted over the windows. So just delete everything that is painted inside the windows.
  9. jfjoubert

    FMS Control Help?

    Just click on any of the hex screws in the 4 corners to show or hide the panel.
  10. jfjoubert


    Out of curiosity: Is radar altitude not part of the real world plane, or is it just not modelled in this version?
  11. jfjoubert

    IXEG Livery Problem

    Yes, as far as I can remember... temporarily remove the green logo on the left side of the fuselage and you'll see the green portion in the window on the right side should disappear. The only workaround at the moment is to delete the portions of the green logo on the left side where it covers the windows.
  12. jfjoubert

    IXEG Livery Problem

    Unfortunately it's the way the texture maps are laid out... what you could try is to remove the green portions on the left of the fuselage where they are going over the windows. If I remember correctly the green you see in the window is coming from the other side where your green logo is going over one of the windows.
  13. jfjoubert

    CTD - Random

    Hi, Here's a screenshot of my plugins folder on a completely clean XP 11 install. (Except Gizmo64). So just move out everything that's not in this list.
  14. jfjoubert

    CTD - Random

    First thing you should do is to update your graphics card drivers... you're still on 399.24 and should be on at least 419.35. You should also remove (not just disable) all of your plugins (except Gizmo) and then add them back one at a time to see if you can spot which one might cause a CTD. Hope it helps...
  15. jfjoubert

    great airplane except ground handling

    As far as I know Hot Start is doing some experiments w.r.t ground handling. I read it on their Discord System Support Channel. So let's wait and see...