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  1. AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Yes I have been asking about this for a while, I hope ixeg will consider having the ability to save the panel state like pmdg aircraft do.
  2. X10 Moving on Idle thrust? correct?

    Ive noticed that the ground model feels more correct in xp11 than xp10 with the 1.1 update. In both sims it takes a fair amount of thrust to breakaway and get moving, but in xp11 it at least mostly maintains speed at idle thrust, in xp10 I need a lot of power to keep moving.
  3. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    It "works" fine, but the flight model is way off. If you want to feel like you are flying a 737-300 and not a lightly loaded 757 wait for the update and use xp10 for now.
  4. Engine failure

    Oh ok, any idea what may have triggered this failure, I had failures disabled? The randomness of it was fun though.
  5. Engine failure

    Not sure what happened exactly, but randomly during descent I experienced a failure of my left engine. Attempts to restart the engine did not work. I dont know how this happened but the xplane failure menu showed that the engine driven fuel pump had failed, not sure why the engine shut down even with the electric pump working. Any ideas regarding the cause? XP 10 btw.
  6. Thanks for the Update!

    Just wanted to thank the developers for the 1.1 Patch, there is still much to be done but the added functionality and crash fixes are a big help. It also looks like the engine oil pressure readings are more accurate, has anything else been tuned that is not in the log? I just finished a flight in the 737 and even with a few missing features it is my favorite addon to fly at the moment. By the way, today I decided to watch some of the old videos and blogs describing the systems modelling from several years ago when this aircraft was still not released, and it was a good reminder of just how much behind the scenes detail that has been put into this addon. If you haven't looked at these before or in a while check them out, it gives you a new appreciation for the ixeg 737 and may help you wait while they continue to add more functionality.
  7. IXEG 1.1 XP11 Demonstration

    It looks perfect, but try that same flight with xp10 and compare your climb rates up to cruise, and your n1 setting needed to maintain speed at altitude. You will see why we need an official xp11 update ;).
  8. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Glad to hear v1.1 is finally going to be released. But I am a bit disappointing that there are not that many systems fixes. All this waiting and still no descent forecast, usable vnav, fuel predictions, or corrected engine egt readings.
  9. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but i just finished reading through it today and I dont see any mention of the descent forecast entry. is this something that will be included in 1.1 or will we have to wait some more for this feature? Also are there any plans to implement some sort of autosave feature, or at least allow saving the entire situation, like pmdg aircraft do? This would be sooo helpful for when xplane decides to crash midlflight like it loves to do.
  10. Systems questions

    As mentioned in my post, The EGT values are too low, for example, cruise egt should be in the 600's not the 400's. Oil temp and pressure are too low, specifically oil temp should not drop so fast to zero degrees as soon as the engines are brought to idle, and should never hit zero during operation, Im sure there is an oil temp thermostat somehere that regulates the temperature, if the oil was continuously at that low temperature aside from a cold start in real life the engine would be toast. CSD drive oil temp doesnt move either. And fuel flow drops to zero when the engines are brought to idle at high altitude. Those are just the ones I have noticed. The actual behavior of the engines seems spot on however, especially how when advancing the throttle the engines are slow to spool up to around 35%, but then spool fast after that. So far IXEG is the only addon I have used that simulates this behavior of the CFM56 accurately.
  11. Systems questions

    A lot of the engine parameters are not accurate yet. You will notice the egt's are unrealistically low as well along with the oil temperature when the engines are brought to idle.
  12. Right side generator temp gauge working... or not...

    Im glad someone else besides me noticed this, and that it is planned to be fixed at some point. I hope the engine egt and oil temp parameters will be updated to display more accurate values at some point in the near future as well. Its the small details that really stand out
  13. VNAV with ALT Above Restrictions FAILS

    I have the same problem, VNAV is not usable for me at this time.
  14. Shadows and FLCH

    I do have rth installed, and noaa wx, but I dont think noaa would cause a problem here. Its as if the sim doesn't see the rear cockpit wall. I dont have the capability to make a video, but it should be easy to reproduce, just set the time close to dusk, and point the aircraft away from the sun. Also I had another issue with both vnav and flch the last time I flew, the aircraft dives at 6000fpm and overshoots its target speed, even when the descent is started with the aircraft already at the target descent speed. Hopefully this is on the list to be patched soon.
  15. TOGA

    The autothrottle doesnt advance the throttles fully to the bugged N1 during toga mode, instead I need to switch off N1 mode, then set thrust manually, then re-engage.