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  1. License doesn't work?

    worked, thanks!
  2. License doesn't work?

    Hey, thank you for the answer. I did a full reinstall of the aircraft via the original link, shouldn't that solve it?
  3. License doesn't work?

    Guys, Haven't been simming for awhile now. today, I picked the IXEG 737 and went flying. I got this window telling me to put in my email and password... the window had big x on it. I couldn't log in. I tried to download the pack from the original link, I logged to my x aviation account and downloaded. after successful installation, it's the same... any ideas why I am getting this? Thanks!
  4. Gizmo crash

  5. Gizmo crash

  6. Gizmo crash

    Yes, it was the last point and the plane continued on the last heading, I did not selected runway heading, of course I would in real world, but I didn't consider it important as it continued the heading, obviously didn't think it would crash Cheers.
  7. Gizmo crash

    MOGT2H MOGTI P66 NESES/N0388F190 T103 OSDER It was from LOWI to EDDM, vatsim, it occurred after passing the last way point, flying straight ahead after OSDER, waiting for ATC vectors...
  8. Gizmo crash

    Hello, I don't remember exactly what I was doing, I actually thought the log would show it lol... But as far as I remember u was doing preparations for landing, choosing the star and so on... And couldn't exacute due to the gizmo crash, although I got one few minutes before the second one, but the first one didn't stop me from executing... Anyways this is really annoying because I had to reboot, couldn't continue flying. Doesn't the log that I attached show it? I really hoped it would. Cheers!
  9. Gizmo crash

    Hello, Long time haven't flown the bird. I have had 2 good flights this week but for some reason the last one wasn't that lucky... for some reason I got this window with gizmo log of something wrong... Then tried to execute thing and it didn't executed and I had to reboot. can some one shed a light here? cheers! GizmoLog.txt
  10. Restoring to default

    Hey Jan, Thanks!
  11. Restoring to default

    Hey guys, I'll keep it simple this time again. What's the easiest way to restore the options specially for the preference tab for the sound options, I played with it a little and now I can't hear the engines on takeoff thrust. Cheers!
  12. LNAV path issue

    Lol, yes haha, that's where I did my instrument rating, it was my home airport. Thank you! And yes I am using 1.0.5. Cheers!
  13. LNAV path issue

  14. LNAV path issue

    Hey, this log is very long, how can I find the relevant section to post here. p.s what's Debug mode means? cheers.
  15. LNAV path issue

    Hey folks, Just to note, this is one of the first complete flight for me ith the IXEG 737 as I don't really have the time to do flights from A to B. I played ith the FMC during the flight, entering some speed numbers, altitudes, changing some waypoints etc... then suddenly I got a window with some red lines about what I suspect is some sort of FMC crash? any ways, since that, LNAV didn't follow the route line. I had to use the heading selector to follow the rest of the route. so basically, what causes that? I am entering some values in the FMC, I do that real world too and it doesn't cause the FMC to crash lol... basically what I am trying to ask, does the FMC has some sort of limitation regarding the ram usage or whatever? how can I prevent this from happening? kind regards, Dave.