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    I'm not sure if this is really a question for Laminar, but I hope someone can help. I've been trying out the RNAV 21 approach into KSMO but I can't see how you get the IF (DARTS) into the ACTIVE VNV WAYPOINT field? I've had this working for enroute stuff like STARS with step downs etc, but I must be missing something on the approach. Also, when flying the approach with vertical guidance in GS mode, it the altitudes are all in white for the approach and the CURRENT VNV profile doesn't do anything (yet it does fly the approach properly). I've read the forums, watched the videos, read Laminar's manual but I'm still stuck here. Can anyone help? To test it set up a route KSMO SLI (RNAV 21 via VECTORS) KSMO
  2. Philip Harris

    [Not A Bug] Visual Bug - Ice on airframe

    Yeah, I just had this on .8 with the XP 11.3 beta.
  3. Philip Harris

    Autopilot disconnect button for joystick

    Thank you :)
  4. Philip Harris

    Autopilot disconnect button for joystick

    Can anyone tell me what the button binding is for this on the TBM?
  5. Philip Harris

    Better pushback issues with Saab

    Hi, just got the Saab but Better Pushback doesnt seem to work correctly. It doesnt push me where I select and never stops pushing! Works OK with other aircraft. Anyone know a fix?