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  1. alexzar14

    1.5 xp11, can't steer on the ground

    Thanks this answers. I checked this support section, see nothing. Can you post a link to that subject please so I could track the progress?
  2. alexzar14

    New XP11 version

    still no update?
  3. alexzar14

    1.5 xp11, can't steer on the ground

    please advise. Gust lock off, ruder operational, but the steering wheel is fixed and does not respond to turn inputs. I then select (any) other aircraft and the problem is inherited by that aircraft as well. Not an xplane problem because other aircraft steer ok until I select Saab 340 1.5. Afterwards no aircraft (selected after Saab 340) will have ground steering until sim is restarted.
  4. alexzar14

    The A310-300 Project

    I think it's dead.
  5. alexzar14

    spoiler lever

    ok but now the correction required to hardware controller, it is still revered when hardware (CH yoke or quadrant) lever is assigned a spoiler axis. Of course you can check the reverse box next to the axis in joystick assignments, but then you have to do it again before flying other planes.
  6. please advise why the spoiler lever function is reversed, and whether or not it will be corrected?
  7. alexzar14

    DC-3 v2??

    Coming, any chance? The VCand avionics turn too outdated (and the price is still constant...), needs rework to PMDG DC-6 standards. Preferably, two avionics packages, original and something mid/late-20 century. It's really funny seeing late liveries and original 30's avionics... There is a freeware DC-3 for FSX/P3D recently released, check it out to see what an up-to-date DC-3 should look like.
  8. alexzar14

    No sounds DC3

    Will check. The way Jar A330 is done is you can't start it without that GH plug in that it comes with, the A330 doesn't have its own ground handling functions. You can start it with APU, yes, but to start the GPU you must use the GH plug in, unlike the A320 which comes with its own GPU function. So where do I go to get the updated limited GH for the A330?
  9. alexzar14

    No sounds DC3

    Just purchased, everything seems to work but I have very limited sounds inside the cockpit, and no sounds outside, unless I select full thrust. Advise please.
  10. alexzar14

    Throttles freeze.

    I have assigned it to a button on the yoke, and then I use throttles to apply thrust. Works with every other plane and I have all study-type planes there are.
  11. And another one: the spoiler function is reverersed when assigned to a joystick controller (I use CH yoke/quadrant). This means you have to go to joystick settings and reverse it when flying the 737. And at the end of flight you have to re-reverse it, otherwise the next plane you fly will have it's spoiler function reversed,
  12. alexzar14

    Throttles freeze.

    You mean before disengaging the AT? Don't remember, possibly not, next time will keep it in mind. Another problem: reversers do not de-engage after landing, they stay on. I messed with it for 10 seconds until it finally gave me a break and de-engaged. Any hints about that please?
  13. alexzar14

    What version is the installer?

  14. alexzar14

    What version is the installer?

    I am aware of it, my question is, what version is the installer on x-aviation site.
  15. Does the installer available for download on x-aviation site have the fixes or is it original release version? It says 1.0.