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  1. Hi all! Just wondering about this product. I have SkyMaxx and RWC installed - what will this product actually add, as I see it's an extension of products and not a replacement. "FS Global Real Weather injects real-time wind data into X-Plane 11" - Is this not what RWC does?
  2. gazzy360

    Throttle idle help

    Definitely sounds like autothrottle. I'm no expert by any means, but I usually disengage my A/T switch about 500ft from the ground (it is usually stable enough to keep the current speed for the last 500ft at that point) and then reduce thrust at 50ft callout. Never had any issues with it. Hope you figure it out.
  3. gazzy360

    Bright night haze?

    Hi all! Just looking for advice. Please see attached picture. Is this bright night haze normal? Is there a fix to make this black? FYI running SMP4.6 Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. gazzy360

    Bright night haze?

    Hmm fair enough. Ahh well. I'll just put up with it for now.
  5. gazzy360

    Skymaxx pro 4.6

  6. gazzy360

    Bright night haze?

    Hi JohnMAXX I am using SMP+RWC, XPRealistic and my addon aircraft. Never used to look like this so it's a little strange. Luckily not a game breaker! Would you perhaps recommend that I try to reinstall SMP+RWC?
  7. gazzy360

    Bright night haze?

    Unfortunately, it didn't work for me
  8. gazzy360

    Bright night haze?

    Hi Sundog! Thanks for your reply. I will give this a whirl this afternoon and give an update
  9. gazzy360

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    I don't suppose it calculates engine derate too does it?
  10. gazzy360

    Engine clicking sound while windmilling

    Great idea though. I love that sound!
  11. gazzy360

    Minor Cosmetics

    I agree with the Cabin crew 'ding!'
  12. gazzy360


    Hello all. I got home from work today and decided to download the 737 update along with the skymaxx update. I turn XP10 on, uninstall the old installations and install the new ones and get to the new activation box. I pop in my email address and password, and chose a name for my PC. I then get a message telling me that my Machine ID has been blacklisted?!! I uninstall IXEG - still get it, I uninstall skymaxx - still get it I uninstall - RWC and I still get the box. I have no X-A products installed yet I am getting hassled by an activation bow which only tells me that my Machine has been blacklisted (for unknown reasons). What should I do? I have submitted a ticket to support with hopes that it will be fixed. But maybe you guys need to be aware of this bug? If it is a bug that is. No issues with this until today!
  13. gazzy360

    [Solved] DIR TO bug 1.0.7

    Hi All, I know this has probably been discussed a million times but my search brought nothing back. Tonight I was flying and was told to proceed direct to a certain leg - normally when i click this my sim drops to less than 1FPS until I hit Execute. Tonight though, when I did this DIR TO i also got an altitude error. Something I could not correct in flight. Basically I was stuck in this 1FPS stutter because I could not Execute the change. I had to close the sim and wasting a lot of time. VERY frustrating as I am sure you can imagine. I would have thought this would have been ironed out a long long time ago? Anyway are we going to see this fixed in the future because I am having to go back to flying with other aircraft until this is sorted. Thanks and sorry if its a repeated subject.
  14. gazzy360

    [Solved] DIR TO bug 1.0.7

    I just wanted to be double sure so I excluded both. Mine never went black so perhaps your issue is also down to something else? Just a guess.
  15. gazzy360

    [Solved] DIR TO bug 1.0.7

    Just to update on my side. I excluded XP10, XP11 and the X-Aviation file in windows defender - i can now edit my route without stutter I suppose the issue I was having was with the EXEC button becoming unusable so I could not fix anything!
  16. gazzy360

    [Solved] DIR TO bug 1.0.7

    Thanks for the reply. I guess it was the Exec button becoming unresponsive and I thought the error was with the crz alt. Ahh well!
  17. gazzy360

    [Solved] DIR TO bug 1.0.7

    I honestly didn't see it, but thanks for that. As for the altitude error. I was flying a short route of 250nm or so, and was heading up for FL350. When ATC instructed me to head direct to a certain point, it obviously cut out a chunk of my flight plan and my FMC decided that I could not make that altitude I guess? So instead I got an 'Unable CRZ ALT' or something along those lines. So when I made the DIR To change, it made the crz alt error appear and I could not Execute the change or change the crz altitude mid flight. I do remember getting one of those text boxes pop up as they often do - so perhaps it was the Exec button on the FMC that was actually unresponsive instead? Hard to know really.