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    Creating aircraft from CAD data

    Hello, We have some new, small aircraft and UAS/ Optionally Piloted designs (Ultralight and LSA category) which we'd like to transform from CAD to import into X-Plane for some sim runs and adjustment....in addition to other FEA and CFD analysis. We're aware of the difficulties on import to X-Plane 10 and need to convert to mesh with redraw as close as possible in PlaneMaker, or other methods you'd suggest. No time to mess with it, basically. Looking for a contractor well-experienced in these areas. Non-Disclosure / Non-Compete Agreement required. Proof of substantial assets to signatory required -- in backing your NDA. Open to U.S.-based/ citizens only. Aircraft are in early proposal stage for program funding, and your contracting availability & price we can include in the budget. Larger funding & contracting is still months out. Seeking one first model with airfoil specified. Subsequent contracting on same aircraft with alterations and actual airfoil. Subsequent contracting on other aircraft & flight vehicle (hypersonic & rocketry) variants and future designs. Thank you, Stan