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  1. fozzybear711

    SMP 4.6 locked FPS again ....

    So I flew from Belfast City to East Midlands last night, Whilst en-route I noticed some storm clouds ahead ( Well I seen lightning anyway) then All of a sudden my FPS went from 55 to a locked 19 FPS again, No matter what I did ( Lowered cloud distance and that didn't help) In the end I disabled SMP and I got my FPS back again. So I know 100% there is something wrong somewhere. PC Specs: I7 6700k @ 4.5ghz, GTX 1070 SC, 16GB 3000mhz ram. Log is attached from last nights flight Log.txt
  2. fozzybear711

    Is this a bug with SMP ?

    Why does my FPS do this ? It can be fine at times, but then my FPS will lock sometimes, But when I look at other things in my cockpit, For example, when this problem occurs, I look outside i get no more than 19fps, But look at my overhead, its perfectly, I go in the smp settings and change the cloud area and it works but only for a few minutes or so, I also disable smp and I don't get the issue ? SOmetime clouds just randomly generates and freezes my pc I7 6700K @ 4.6GHZ, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM @ 3000MHZ video-1500321313.mp4 Log.txt
  3. fozzybear711

    fmc speed problem ?

    CRZ PAGE: https://gyazo.com/1ff5fbf897b4380a59099cb00ab9666b LEGS PAGE: https://gyazo.com/ffc3f2134e49721bdc56817608d5f15f On my crz page I have set Mach .76 but on the legs page its showing different ?
  4. Hi All ! I am in need of some help for the CLB/CRZ/DES pages on the FMC, How do you correctly input the speed and machs ? If possible realistic figures ? Thanks
  5. Hi All ! I am in need of some help for the CLB/CRZ/DES pages on the FMC, How do you correctly input the speed and machs ? If possible realistic figures ? Thanks
  6. fozzybear711


    Ok I am very confused, I have an I7 6700K @ 4.6ghz, GTX 1070, 16gb Ram @ 3000mhz and when there is clouds, My FPS goes from 60 - 70 to 23 - 26 ? Like Do i really have to up my system to actually run SMP 4.5 properly, Don't get me wrong, I love it, But the program is hungry aint it ? Settings are attached
  7. fozzybear711

    Micro freezes ?

    I did a flight last night from Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) - East Midlands (EGNX) and near enough all along the way, My Xplane 11 kept freezing and some times freezes my whole pc for 4- 6 seconds. It never happened before SMP 4 got update to 4.5 ? It's very confusing of why it's happening , My specs are more than ok - I7 3770k @ 4.5ghz, GTX 970, 16GB ram Last night flight log is attached Log.txt
  8. fozzybear711

    Cloud impact Xplane 11 R1

    I was flying this morning from Valencia to East Midlands, No storms etc, just the off cloud appearing which kept dropping my frames
  9. fozzybear711

    Cloud impact Xplane 11 R1

    PC specs: GTX 970 , I7 3770K @ 4.5GHZ , 16GB RAM On a clear day, My FPS is great ! AVG around 40 - 50 fps, But soon as some clouds start to appear it goes downhill from there and then i start getting stutters, AVG 15 - 25 fps, I just don't get it. SMP settings: https://gyazo.com/59094223a41c36e83ccda7907e60c008 XP11 settings: https://gyazo.com/bfc3e2dc8a94f423b0e43db61c7083fd
  10. fozzybear711

    XP11 Crashing (PB13)

    Update: I've now put my CPU back to 4.5ghz and it now works ??? why ...... ?
  11. fozzybear711

    XP11 Crashing (PB13)

    I've recently OC'ED my CPU to 4.7ghz
  12. fozzybear711

    XP11 Crashing (PB13)

    Hi all, So for some reason now, My XP11 decided to start crashing upon startup or when I am loading into start a new flight, it will get as far as reading new scenery files. It didn't do this before, But all of a sudden now, it has started to. My specs are: I7 3770K @4.7ghz, 16gb ram, GTX 970. I did a fresh install, Started it up and it worked, Then I installed SMP 4 and RWC, Loaded up to the main screen, Chosen my flight etc, Got as far as reading new scenery files, Then it crashed and there the only 2 things I have installed on my fresh new copy Log is also attached Log.txt
  13. fozzybear711

    Are these settings ok ?

    My PC specs: i7 3770k @ 4.2ghz, GTX 970, 16gb ram 2400mhz, It's just when I am in cruise, randomly My FPS drops and locks at 19 fps for some reason. I do use sky max pro : I don't use HD mesh, But I am pretty sure these settings are ok but It shouldn't be dropping FPS ?
  14. fozzybear711

    Sound issue 1.0.5 ?

    Seems to me you dont understand what I am trying to say, Look at this video : When Matt applies 40 % and then full throttle, He doesnt get the sound I get
  15. fozzybear711

    Sound issue 1.0.5 ?

    I understand that, But the videos i have saw, Don't even sound like mine, they are totally different