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    Sound Issue

    I have also figured this out and was about to make a post, it seems that the Master Sound must be to 95%-100% for my sounds to be noticed, a little messing around with the Windows mixer and the other two sliders is required. The sound sliders are weird and may need a little work but the aircraft's performance is incredible, minus the lagging I get when something is in my scratchpad.
  2. CrazyPandaPilot

    Sound Issue

    Ok Update: The sounds are flyable but NO WHERE NEAR correct. When my reversers are deployed I get a horrible wind noise and my engines are very quiet. I am comparing my sound to Matt Davies >
  3. CrazyPandaPilot

    Sound Issue

    As of right now, I am doing a test flight after a re-install with nothing open and reboot afterwards. All is going well, although the sounds are not perfect(Startup still weird) they are at least there...
  4. CrazyPandaPilot

    Sound Issue

    Ok, Yesterday I bought the product and did a quick flight form SNA-LAS the plane worked perfectly but my Engine sounds are very strange. The first time I loaded up(repeated on 2nd download and Install) with the engines running they sounded beautifully. But when I did a cold and dark start the engine spool up didn't make a noise until 20% n2(or at least i think its N2, Im an Airbus boy) and it sounds hiddeous, Like its just like someone is trying to imitate and engine starting. Also there is no noise until 98% N1 and it is just a very loud max power noise. I believe all the other sounds are working, and If they aren't it doesn't really pose as much as a problem as this. I have tried: Re-Installing, Re-Downloading, Removing Plugins. All to no avail, And yes, I have tried moving the sliders. I also forgot to mention that when I went to Install from the fresh download both times, I got an error message but If i click retry it works. Thanks in advance.