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  1. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    TFFK Les grandes Porte Attitude Simulation

    Hello, i'am french and I wanted to tell the author that it's a great scene full of details. Nice work and keenly following ..
  2. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    B737-300 Problem installation

    Hello, Yes I put it in xp11, main file and after I respect the instructions, it works very well with the Douglas ...
  3. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    B737-300 Problem installation

    Hello, I have an installation problem with version 1.2, in fact, after a correct installation in the main folder xp11, I have a message: detected an unsupported file path ?? I installed the plane several times without worrying in the same way and it worked well, I managed to make it work once. Anyone know the solution? Thank you.
  4. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    xp11 présentation Douglas DC-3 X-AVIAITION

    Hello, my first vidéo in English and french ...Mdr. Good vidéo
  5. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    B733 IXEG

    Great for the break in flight, removing tug master it works against ... By changing the parameters on the FMC always fall fps, do I reboot the plane?
  6. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    B733 IXEG

    hello, I have a problem, whenever I want to pause the IXEG B733 during the flight, system windows 32.exe appears and cut me Xplane is very unpleasant, and when I want to change a parameter on the fmc = fps drop. Thank you if you have the answer ....
  7. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    x life A320 néo

  8. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    Landing runway 18, Chambery (LFLB)

    J'aime le B732, franchement superbe avion , ou as-tu eu la livrée ?
  9. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    F18 SUPER HORNET Take-off LFPG ( Paris )

  10. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    takeoff mitsubishi MU-2 -60

  11. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    Vol présentation SR 22

    Hello, my english is bad lol...But i'am very happy you like my video, look the visit New york in night.
  12. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    Presentation Epic victory

  13. eric.minvielle0114@orange.

    visit New york night with AG211