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  1. Was able to get it working. Dont know why, but the gizmo windows wont show the input fields when using my secondary screen (hdmi on lenovo legion laptop, same resolution as notebook screen). It is working on the main screen just fine. On a sidenote: Goodway XP isnt showing up on the secondary screen either. This is really weird...
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. Tried to reset the UI Scaling to 100 (switching back to 150 and back), however even after a rebot of the gizmo script it still shows the same problem. Am i doing something wrong here?
  3. After a clean reinstall on my new laptop i installed the IXEG and the Saab. I cant however activate neither of them cause all gizmo windows are missing the input fields. Anyone got an idea how to fix this? Thanks for your help! *edit* If this isnt the right place to ask this then feel free to move this topic. Thanks.
  4. otsit

    Entering Star Transition Causes Gizmo Crash

    Btw i tried to reproduce the error that i mentioned again. No "luck". All is working fine. Strange but good anyway. I rebooted my machine in the meantime, thats all i did.
  5. otsit

    Entering Star Transition Causes Gizmo Crash

    Glad to be able to help: The flight was from KIAH to KSFO, created with Simbrief. This is the route: Cruise Altitude is FL 340. I was on the ground when it happened, tried to program the departure / arrival. Hmm the Perf init i cant really recreate, all i remember was a ZFW of 53 something and 13 tons of fuel if this helps. I am not on my xplane pc atm so i cant try again right now. I attached the Simbrief output in xplane format if this helps. KIAHKSFO01.fms
  6. otsit

    Entering Star Transition Causes Gizmo Crash

    Heres mine. GizmoLog.txt
  7. otsit

    Entering Star Transition Causes Gizmo Crash

    Unfortunately i dont have any screenshots, but i can confirm that i got the same error when programming my flightplan from KIAH to KSFO. These errors started after i applied todays hotfix. Oh and btw, i saw two guys streaming at twitch running into the same problem. Something definitly broke with the latest hotfix.