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  1. Vanadeo

    Landmark Airlines for IXEG 737-300

    Awesome!. Doesn't matter dude, I'll be looking forward to it :D. "Bluesky 737, Rollin'." xD
  2. Vanadeo

    Landmark Airlines for IXEG 737-300

    Very Nostalgic thanks.. FS98 Bluesky 737?
  3. Vanadeo

    Bug Report

    I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this. I may have overlooked something but I have tinkered with my control settings and all the time the plane seems excessively light and twitchy on pitch. After speaking with a C310 Pilot his remark was that it's nor too light or too heavy on pitch.. Thats the only quirk I have found other than reading about a slight dutch roll the plane should have as well.
  4. Me as well.. And I'll gladly buy it. Was just wondering if there maybe a discount for the owners of the previous versions, That's all.
  5. Hmm I wonder if we'll need to pay for 2.0. I honestly don't mind but judging by the pics of the new renders and the incorporation of FMOD and other features I'm tipping I'm right with thinking that, Just wonder if we'll get a discount :D.
  6. Vanadeo

    Mu2 bournemouth to Manchester

    I really do like this plane. Although it is a bit rough round the edges at the moment compared to the likes of other addon aircraft, I can't help but want to fly it. I think you will agree that it looks cool and pulls off that nostalgic dial immersive feeling what all us steam gauge nutters strive for in a flight sim environment.
  7. Just doing a flight from Doncaster UK to Bournmouth. Nice little plane. I'm glad this is an ongoing project, certainly will be my go to turboprop plane. Looking forwards to the new rendering and FMOD sounds when they eventually are available.
  8. Vanadeo

    IXEG sounds for dev (raw sounds)

    Yes!... I think this will add greatly to the experience, adding FMOD sounds. I'm sat in ZIBO mod and the sounds are really nice.. I can't imagine the amount of immersion that would be added to the IXEG plane with FMOD.. I don't care about opening doors that can wait if the sounds come before the opening doors I'll be a happy man.. Even if theey come with opening doors (To show im not selfish).. :P. and if that happens sometime before next year that would be amazing.. I really don't know how long above said will take.. I do know it takes a long time though.
  9. Vanadeo

    The A310-300 Project

    Hey man, I hammered the hell out of that HNAC A300, I absolutely loved it :).. I really am looking into getting a wide body airliner and I do want another A300/310 in my hanger.. I am a patient person however and my trusty 737 is keeping the hours rolling in on World Wide virtual. Keep up the great work dude!.
  10. Vanadeo

    [Confirmed]High oil temp in cruise

    Ahhh Thanks for clearing that up .. . Do you know and I searched for someone else who may have posted something about this.. Obviously I hadnt searched hard enough lol, sorry about that, I was really tired last night. Im quite partial to the odd failure.. So long as it's not me who's caused it haha.. :P.. I'm used to flying broken planes from IL-2 so im all game for a challenge. Cheers Jan!.
  11. Vanadeo

    [Confirmed]High oil temp in cruise

    Hi there.. I'm worried now lol as I had an engine fire on a previous flight and I don't know what caused it.. Just doing another flight here and I'm getting quite high oil temps and im not sure if this is normal.. If it isn't, what could have caused it?. as you can see in the screen shot I don't think I'm pushing the engines that hard. I'm starting to think I've cocked something up. Cheers for any help
  12. Vanadeo


    Its definitely fun.. and definitely a learning curve... I really am loving this plane.
  13. Vanadeo

    Boeing 747-200

    This is definitely One plane I would adore having in my hanger.. Hope all is going well on the side for this :).
  14. Vanadeo

    737 LOWI approach

    Ahh I think I recall seeing the other approaches actually, I'd forgotten about that.. I'll take another look at them :). LoL great explanation.. I only ever attempted this once in FS9 however I was able to see the terrain wich I dont think was too realistic. In X-plane, never.. Night is night in that sim xD. I remember one night I departed from LOWI and didn't plan properly for it.. I took off from runway 26 so as you can immagine the outcome was not good lol.. You are quite right about the Landing lights xD. Cheers for the replies guys!.
  15. Vanadeo

    737 LOWI approach

    Question, The answer seems obvious but you never know.. Innsbruck. Would the circle to land proceedure happen at night?, lets say if there was a wind stronger than 10 knotts coming from the east, Slightly off this topic lol but it will be one of many approaches done in this bird once I aquire it, so it is partially relevant to the thread + I know the devs and people on here are real world pilots.. Just something I have always wondered. I know it's a visual approach so my guess is that it would be out of the question to do it and I can only speculate that if the conditions were not right for an approach on to runway 26, the flight would be diverted..