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  1. Well I won't comment on your first two questions as a great job has already been done. As for the third, this must be an x-plane thing as I have experienced the same in various aircraft. Sometimes the sun is reflected on the panel but when you go to an external view the sun is below the horizon. Don't have a fix but I'm sure they are aware of it.
  2. Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Bravo. Much appreciated.
  3. IXEG 737-300 Flows document

    This is something that many will find very useful and practical. If I may, suggest it would be even more helpful (for myself for sure), if after each flow you said what needed to be done. You state what the item is but not what needs to happen like 'on', 'off', 'norm', 'set', 'stby', etc. For instance nstead of just Generator or Beacon you could say Generator On and Beacon Off. Very nice though and thanks.
  4. A Dedicated Thank You!!

    Tom, glad you took the time to write that. I know you speak on behalf of the vast majority.
  5. XP 11 flight model [status]

    Let's keep everything in perspective. There are a lot more important things in this world that we need to be concerned about. Thank you Morten and company for XP 10/11 and your continuing efforts.
  6. I'm very content with my life and try to make it a point not to envy anyone else's but in your case Jan, I make an exception!
  7. I Won $6500.00 On A Poker Machine

    Can you Post a short video please? Using three monitors now but getting too much distortion on the side monitors (fov 140).
  8. After having just updated to 10.50 I also experienced this while at cruise in the FJS 727 . It was a very subtle swaying back and forth. I was hoping the cinema verite was on but it wasn't. When it happens again I will attach the log. Didn't experience this at all with 10.45 and I fly the 727 a lot. Forgot to mention that while it swayed the HI would constantly change a degree or two (I.e. 180-179-181-179-180 etc) wth the AP set to 180. I don't believe cinema verite would do this to the HI. Haven't flown for awhile as I'm still dealing with the 2 fps caused by the latest Win 10 build.
  9. The Simmer and Real World Aircraft

    Thanks Rick, you just ruined my fantasy!
  10. Photo scenery with the 733

    Had it happen once before, however, I don't have photo scenery or IXEG 737. I just sent the crash info to x-plane when it requested it and rebooted. Such is the nature of computers! Work great one day, the next?...who knows!
  11. Canadian Livery Request

    Air Canada from the 70's with the black nose would be great also!
  12. IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.1 Has Been Released!

    Will a purchase as of today have these fixes? Embarrassed to say that I haven't purchased it yet but haven't had time to even turn on my computer! Been following the posts though and have read nothing but stellarreviews; I'm eager to purchase! Thanks for all yourefforts and conmittment IXEG!
  13. Now this is cool!

    That is really cool that you have a mock 737! Are you able to post a couple of pictures? When I get the time (which may be never! ) I too would like to build one, So I take it that you have monitors for the window views? I am planning on using two short throw projectors. i wanted to use monitors for the panels but you can't undock windows in xplane like you can in fsx. Wish you could. i have seen some sims where they have taken the pillar view on the monitor and incorporated it into the physical frame of the flight deck. Actually looked pretty good and somewhat seamless. Thanks for your post and hope to see some pictures!
  14. More prep work for the 737

    Very nice! Jealous!