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    Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Great job! I am looking forward to fly this plane.
  2. Jara4

    power levers issue

    Great news, thank you !
  3. Jara4

    Saab Radios

    Yes, but I can live with it .
  4. Jara4

    Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Thumbs up, ksgy. Great work!
  5. Jara4

    Engines symetry

    Super! Thank you in advance .
  6. Jara4

    Engines symetry

    No, no. That will create an asymetric torque. Usual practice is to set engine torque at the same value (eg. 60%), while observing ITT, to avoid overtemp of the worst engine. Maximum torque value is limited by the worst engine performance (with higher ITT). Sudden change in ITT difference between engines signalises an engine fault (bleed air leakage, damaged compressor blade, injector fault, etc.).
  7. Jara4

    Cabin pressure settings

    Ensure that air (pressurization?) Dump valve is closed and engine Bleed Valves + HP Valves are open. What value shows your differential pressure indicator? If "0,0" you have leakage of pressure (open dump valve).
  8. Jara4

    Engines symetry

    OK, I understand. However, is it at least possible to modify data of one engine only, to get some ITT difference between engines?
  9. Jara4

    Engines symetry

    LES Saab 340A is high tech simulator and one of the best (if not the best) aircraft for X-Plane. I am very happy to have possibilty to fly it. However, what is main immersion killer (for me personally) is the symetry of bothe engine parameters. In real life the engines are never the same, ie. they never have the same ITT at the same power output (%TQ). In reality it is usual practice to place label on on the side of worst engine ITT indicator showing difference in ITT ( for example 20°C) between both engines at the same output (eg. 70% TQ). Pilots must also perfom collection of engine data during cruise flight (TQ, ITT, NG, Np, FF, speed, alg, etc.). These data are then used for Engine Trend Monitoring program to check the deterioration trend of engines, or to reveal any hidden engine faults (HP air leakage, injectors failure, etc.). I would like to see, if it is possible to simulate, difference in power between both engines. The best model so far is A2A´s AccuSim model for FSX. Is it possible to model something similar in X-Plane?
  10. Jara4

    power levers issue

    No FPS hit for me either.
  11. Jara4

    power levers issue

    Windows 7 64 X-Plane 10.42 Saitek X-52 Pro
  12. Jara4

    Can't taxi with one engine

    Yes, I can confirm that it is quite usual to taxi SAAB 340 with only one engine. I can confirm it from my own experience as a SAAB technician in years 1995 - 2000.
  13. Jara4

    Saab 340A Livery Requests

    Hello guys, I would like to see an Air Ostrava livery of SAAB340A reg. OK-PEP in SKODA colors (ca 1998 - 2000) :
  14. Jara4


    Problem solved - my fault. Mismatch in files after nav database update.
  15. Jara4


    When I click OK, X-Plane always crash to desktop. Any idea why???