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  1. cx103

    Livery IXEG B733 Azul Cargo (PR-AJY)

    I'll take care of this one if no one else wants it. Looking good so far...……….
  2. Hi Ben, re Gizmo64 v18.02.27.0200, works perfectly. No bug reports etc. Did a quick flight and all ok. Thank you so much for all your help, really appreciate it. cheers, Bruce
  3. Hi Ben, removed previous gizmo and replaced it with Gizmo64 v18.02.24.1900 Windows. Still getting a bug report however. See attached Log txts. for details. regards, Bruce GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  4. cx103

    [Confirmed] Crash after 1.21 update

    Hi Cameron, please find attached 'log' txt files as requested. regards, Bruce GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  5. cx103

    [Confirmed] Crash after 1.21 update

    Updated 733 classic to v1.21 and getting a gizmo error. Removed old gizmo and installed Ben's new gizmo version yesterday, however still getting an error. cheers, Bruce
  6. cx103

    Meridiana Livery for IXEG 737 Classic

    Looks fantastic, great work.