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    Machine Blacklisted

    Apologies to all for posting in the general forum but I have had no response to two support tickets opened with X-Aviation about this problem. My 2015 iMac began to run very slowly last week and I had no option but to perform a clean install. I also performed a clean install of X-Plane. Since that time I have not been able to register any of my X-Aviation products (IXEG, Saab, SMP, RWC...) When I try to register and name the machine ("iMac") I receive a message that my machine has been blacklisted! And that I should contact X-Aviation support... Obviously I have tried that to no avail! I would be grateful to hear back from someone at X-Aviation to get this problem sorted out. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Kind regards, Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. c_dwyer

    Can't connect to Vatsim

    Disregard - working again. Must have been issue on the Vatsim side. Mods - feel free to delete this thread!
  3. Hi guys, Firstly, thank you for the amazing aircraft. Great to see this level of quality on XP. I wonder if I am the only one having this problem - since installing IXEG I am not able to connect to the Vatsim servers. I get a consistent error message with servers from all regions - can not resolve server address. I know there have been some conflicts between the 737 and XPIUPC - I am wondering if this might be the source of the problem. I have reinstalled xsquawkbox without success. Is anyone else having the same issue? Kind regards, Chris ps - running IXEG 1.0.2 and XP 10.45 with SkyMaxx Pro 3.1.1 and RWC