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  1. hughesj2

    Bug Report

    Apilot, Number 4 is also a known issue/WIP Cheers
  2. hughesj2

    Error trying to validate scenery package

    John, WED newbie here myself, currently working through Jan Vogel's excellent WED tutorials on YouTube, updating ENCN and hoping to submit to the gateway... I had this error yesterday funnily enough, think I was placing a Forest at the time, basically I think it's a warning that one of your sides of your object is crossing another or overlapping? If you do the export and when the error pops, if you check the right hand "objects" pane then I think the offending item will be highlighted. I just selected and zoomed right in and check all my node positions and lines, made some adjustments and it was fine then. Hopefully that will work for you?
  3. Draped polygons :huh:

  4. hughesj2

    Alignment problem

    747, Check your hydraulic pressure too and that your parking brake is on and working. If the hyds are depleted for any reason (others have reported this) and the aircraft is moving slightly I'd guess you'd have alignment issues as well even if all appears to be well during your alignment procedure. Assuming it's modelled? Cheers James
  5. hughesj2

    Few bugs I noticed

    Laurenguy, For number 1, I've found that if you return to PERF INIT and wait a second the GW will update itself for fuel burn and then the approach ref GW updates also. Just in case you want an alternative to manual calculation/entry Cheers James
  6. hughesj2

    Practice, practice, practice

    Ha, very cool jsnapp, no worries
  7. Guys, While everyone returns to flight school (with a big smile on their face) I thought it appropriate to share a great video of some touch and go practice....Yes it's an NG (and yeah lots of you will have seen it before) but the set-up - Take off from KSJC/SJC (MINETA SAN JOSE INTL, UNITED STATES) to KSMF/SMF (SACRAMENTO INTL, UNITED STATES) for the touch and go's via the SUNOL7 departure is a nice little jaunt with a dash of realism.. I've just completed about 5 "bounces" and it's really satisfying nailing them in this bird, hand fly as much as you can and you'll be rewarded - although the automatics come in handy as a solo pilot when you're "go-ing" Anyway here's the video link, hope you have fun recreating (don't forget to use the FIX feature on the CDU to set up your 3 mile ring ) "Stand em up, push em up...." James