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  1. Epikk

    1.1.6 CTD

    Logs. TBM900_Log.txt
  2. Epikk

    1.1.6 CTD

    Same issue here. Having CTD each time.
  3. Epikk

    1.0.9 Broke my plane

    Hi - I just experience the same thing. Cheers.
  4. Epikk

    Windows issues on UHD resolutions

    Sorry. I set my UI Size to 100% instead of 150% in graphics settings.
  5. Epikk

    Windows issues on UHD resolutions

    Nevermind. I found what was wrong. Cheers.
  6. Hi team, First, congrats on the release. There seems to be an issue with the UI (sidebar and all windows) in UHD resolution : all clickspots and windows are misaligned thus difficult to use. Many of the widows at the top of the screen and I can't drag them down nor resize/close them : Maintenance Manager Aircraft registration are examples. Here's pic : https://fritz-essono.tinytake.com/sf/MzAxNTk3NF85MDM4Nzgy Cheers.
  7. Epikk

    Is it too soon???

    WAAAAAYYYY too soon.
  8. Epikk

    Took the Plunge

    +1... Took the plunge this morning. No regrets whatsoever. Great sim guys.