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  1. Does anyone else also get pretty high engine oil temperatures during climb and cruise? Xp 11.11, IXEG 1.21
  2. Yes, normally you wouldn't do that. I just want to help to make the plane better and more stable against those soft crashes.
  3. jojo2993

    Light test question

    Any news on that one now?
  4. jojo2993

    Wing Light

    Still a thing in 1.21
  5. jojo2993

    Wing Light

    With available ground power, (gpu not switched on and battery off) you can turn on the wing lights.
  6. I accidentally pressed execute in flight (with nothing to execute) and got a soft crash. I don't know if my log will help you. When I have enough time I will try to reproduce the crash. X-Plane 10 IXEG 1.2 GizmoLog.txt
  7. jojo2993

    [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    In XP11 it looks like there is some glass missing on the slip indicator.
  8. jojo2993

    [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    Same here... in XP11 it looks a bit like LCDs
  9. Still an issue. In V1.2 tested in X-Plane 11
  10. jojo2993

    Little manual gear extension issue?

    @Litjan I know that this is a tiny thing. But still, I wanted to tell you. I noticed also that the nose gear taxi light is still working with a generator bus 1 failure. According to my manuals, the nose gear taxi light is connected to generator no. 1 so it shouldn't work. Correct?
  11. Hi, As far as I know, you should extend the gear manually only with the gear lever in OFF position. And that works fine. (Of course everything without SYSTEM A pressure) I played a little bit around and if you extend the gear manually while the lever is in DOWN position the gear will not extend but the sound will play. If you then select GEAR UP the gear will drop down. I am not quite sure but it seems a bit strange to me: If you don't understand pls watch the video below! I hope it's not a double report. But keep it up guys, your plane is amazing!
  12. jojo2993

    Light test question

    @Litjan Any news so far?
  13. The plane flies route but FMC does not update. The issue was solved after I gave a direct to the next waypoint Route: EDDF 25C TOBA6G TOBAK N858 SWALM T201 ROBEL T200 RUDAK RUDA5V ILS26L EDDT Log.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  14. Still a bug in Version 1.1