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  1. Updated, thanks. Quick feedback: 1. Much more "juddering" (turbulence/headshake) than I noticed before (in inital climb, fine at crz alt) 2. Frame rates quite a bit down, avg. 25-30fps now at cruise, used to get 35-40 3. Seems to take longer to get to cruise alt 4. Seems to be more "twitchy"/sensitive at low speed, i.e. takeoff and climb. Of course most of this may just be me! I'm trying some test flights to see if my issues with XEnviro and CSLv8 models have gone. I hope so as I *love* this aircraft. Thanks IXEG
  2. bootsie

    [Merged] xEnviro

    I'm still having issues with crashes using xEnviro 1.07. However, if I strip out EVERY plugin and piece of custom scenery then everything seems to work fine. I've been building up my system piece by piece and running 4hr test flights - what a slow painful process that is - and it's starting to look like it's related to having the IXEG 737, xEnviro and XACARS all loaded all at the same time. If you remove any one of those flights appear to be ok, though it's still a little too early to be definitive on my system. Is anyone else here who is experiencing crashes with xEnviro also using XACARS?
  3. I removed xEnviro and have disabled ANY custom scenery in the area I've been flying around and I've had no issues whatsoever in 3 flights/8 hours so far, so looking good. I'll bring xEnviro back in for another test flight and see what happens. The new v1.2 update is great in XP11 by the way, thanks to all concerned.
  4. Yes, I am using xEnviro and I'm aware of the crash when it cannot reach it's server, though I've only had that on the initial loading rather than during a flight. But perhaps I've just been lucky! It was high on my list of things to disable anyway. Would that not show in the x-plane log? I think I'm using default scenery (I was flying in Brazil) but I'll make sure next flight I exclude all the addon scenery.
  5. I've been having issues with the aircraft crashing, usually just during a cruise doing apparently nothing. I'd ignored it and moved on to other things until it was officially XP11 ready - so, I was really looking forward to using v1.2. So I installed, everything went really well, then the same thing - a full X-Plane crash during cruise. Nothing obvious in either the X-Plane or the Gizmo logs. So, I'm now down to stripping out each of the plugins and seeing what happens. But I have so many plugins and it may take many hours of flight to see if the problem is resolved or not. So, my question is - are there plugins that are more likely to cause problems than others? Like maybe weather plugins, perhaps? Or USB switch panel plugins maybe? I guess I'm trying to shortcut the diagnostic process by removing the ones more likely to cause issues before the less likely ones. I guess people might be wary about naming the "more likely" plugins on a public forum so feel free to PM me instead if that's better. Or perhaps just name the general type of plugin. However, my system is perfectly stable with a host of other aircraft so I guess it would be a compatibility issue on my specific setup rather than a faulty plugin or aircraft (that's the legal aspect covered then ) I can post up a list of my current plugins if that helps, but I guess I'm looking for someone to say something like "xSomePlugin seems to cause more problems than most". Just to give me somewhere to start.
  6. bootsie

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    Thanks, I'll go and check. I'll probably hold off buying anything until I've read through the stuff that comes with the package. I'm not a complete idiot and can just about operate the 757 and 777 but would like to learn this one properly.
  7. bootsie

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    Anyone already have the 737 Classic Pilot Handbook to know if it's worth buying at the same time as the aircraft? It's difficult to know what the training material that comes with the aircraft (if any) will be like. Or perhaps worth considering the AoA training instead? Not sure if that discount would apply after purchase, it doesn't read that way.