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  1. N-R313

    Saab 340 garmin not switching on

    Normandee. You'll have a better chance of getting an answer in the following sub forum. http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/forum/158-saab-340a/
  2. N-R313

    Wing Flex watch from min 6.00

    Lol, I don't know about you but when I'm landing an airplane, staring at the runway, i'm not hoping my wings are flexing. I'm hoping my wings stay on.
  3. I don't have it.
  4. N-R313

    IXEG 737 Freeze

    Assuming you're using Windows 10, JetNoise is correct. This picture may help to understand.
  5. N-R313

    Next update?

    You're on a roll.
  6. N-R313

    Pushback and rotating beacon question

    It's known that the pushback that comes with this bird does not turn. Better Pushback works great with her.
  7. N-R313

    How to use ground air supply?

    You might be thinking about the "PCA" Pre-Conditioned Air? If so your assumption is correct. https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/27114/what-is-this-tube-connected-to-a-757-for . For what it's worth, that's what I thought the "connect air supply" radio button was for.
  8. N-R313

    Tyre Noise on Landing

    I second the question. I'm never sure when I've touched down. No noise, no camera shake. I always thought I was the smoothest SF34 landing pilot ever until I saw someone else was in the dark on touchdown.
  9. N-R313

    Correct sequence of pushback and engine start?

    Yep! Thats my issue as well.
  10. N-R313

    Correct sequence of pushback and engine start?

    I'll be happy to. Which log.txt do you want to see? XP, Gizmode ... ?
  11. N-R313

    Correct sequence of pushback and engine start?

    Pixel lives matter! lol, Seriously, good question. BetterPushBack does not work for me on this bird. I was wondering if it's because of the order I was doing things.
  12. N-R313

    Livery alterations

    I have the IXEG and am using the default United Tulip livery. I altered the livery to suit my Private Airlines. Legally, should I get the original artists permission to alter the livery (not for resale)? The livery folder does not tell who is or how to contact the artist.
  13. Windows 10= Latest update Nvidia= Latest update X-Plane 11= Latest update (no beta's) All Plugins= Only Gizmo IXEG= Latest update 1.21 KLGA -> KRDU= PERFECT! Thanks IXEG team for an enjoyable, problem free flight.
  14. N-R313

    Most realistic, 11.05 or 11.1

    Yep, that's the one. Thanks for giving it a look - John