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  1. Windows 10= Latest update Nvidia= Latest update X-Plane 11= Latest update (no beta's) All Plugins= Only Gizmo IXEG= Latest update 1.21 KLGA -> KRDU= PERFECT! Thanks IXEG team for an enjoyable, problem free flight.
  2. Most realistic, 11.05 or 11.1

    Yep, that's the one. Thanks for giving it a look - John
  3. Most realistic, 11.05 or 11.1

    Jan, Attached is my log.txt from "The Great Crash of 12-17". I did go back and confirm that Gizmo64 is my only plugin. Again, thanks for all you do for us. - John Log.txt
  4. Most realistic, 11.05 or 11.1

    Thanks, Jan I have no plugin's. I'm not an eye-candy kind of guy. Totally pilot. Lol, infact I couldn't care about cabins, ground services, replay not showing all controls or geography. Default land is good enough for me. Actually the IXEG gave me my first plug-in of Gizmo64. I flew the same flight (ABQ - DAL) in 11.05 today with no crashes where 11.1 did crash. Not harping, just saying : ) I've been flight simming since 1990. I've been with XP since 9. This bird is by far the best. I've got my eye on the upcoming FF A320 but I'm afraid it's going to be too automated. I'm 55 years old and appreciate the classics. I have 70 RW hours in a C-172 (doesn't mean squat compared to 737's, just thought I'd throw it in, lol). I emphatically thank you and your team for this bird. The fact that you are on this forum helping us as much as you are is EXTREMELY impressive to me. When I started flying on VATSIM, we were using STARS that were VOR to VOR. You couldn't get out of your seat once you started your descent. Today you can dang near take a shower. - John
  5. Hi all, I had my first software X-Plane CTD in 11.1 (latest non-beta release). At This Time, are the flight dynamics more realistic in 11.05 or latest non-beta release? I have both and have no problem going back to 11.05.
  6. Thinking of buying...

    There is nothing to think about. Do It!
  7. Saving controls

    A good X-Plane 11 question. For any plane (including this IXEG), go to calibrate hardware. In the lower left corner is where you manage your controllers.
  8. Steep Descent with LVL CHG

    A. I don't trust VNAV. B. I use Level Change only when climbing. C. That leaves SPEED control and VERTICAL SPEED control for descent. It's a lot of work for "busy" STAR's ie KSLC. It's the only accurate way to approach at the moment. Do you know the formula for getting semi-accurate settings?
  9. No cockpit Buttons Have animation

    This solved the problem for me.
  10. Steep Descent with LVL CHG

    I hate it when that happens. Merry Christmas.
  11. Running 2 copies

    Can I keep the 733 in my X-P 11.05 and copy it into the new version of the X-P 11.10 with our any DRM violation? 33 views later with no reply made me think this has been asked before. Once I found the correct search word(s) I think I found my answer. I can have unlimited copies on the same computer.
  12. Artistic videos of the CRJ by users

    Unusually clever video. Way out of the box on this one. Loved it.
  13. Nice. Wish I knew of this 30 MU-2 Hours ago. I'm on my last leg in the bird. At least the last leg will be painless to my eyes
  14. In today's economy service is everything. The link I provided, below, is from me. If you read around the .ORG forum you'll see I'm not the only one with this opinion. What we're talking about in this thread is downloading bytes (a product). It cost no more to download bytes than me replying in this thread. I'm not for or against anybody in this thread. I'm suggesting, today, customer service will be the last one standing. As you see in my link, below, I admitted to purposely deleting the file yet they still let me re download it at no extra cost. When I was an FS9 simmer, I was able to re-download for free (Level D). I have one question for RealScenery. When one purchases from you, do you let us know, before purchasing, that there will be a re-download fee? Charging again, albeit for less, to re-download a product does not seem to be the industries norm. If you're worried about your customer downloading again to give to a friend, he/she could have spread your product with their own original copy.
  15. What did you fly today?

    :-[ corrected :-[ Thank you.