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  1. K4bel123

    Screenshot Thread

    I just wanted to share some pictures of recent flights. The first one is from an evening landing and the second one a day light take off from Dublin Airport
  2. Hi, I was having some fun today trying to imitate a video that was quite popular on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RO66a_nvus) using the IXEG 737 . I intentionally applied reverse thrust below 10ft above the ground (which is possible in the real 737 and also in the IXEG 737). Good job, IXEG Greetings, Julius
  3. K4bel123

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Looks like your 737 forgot that it actually is a fixed wing aircraft and now tries to take off like a helicopter. Made my day, mate
  4. K4bel123

    Next update

    I don´t mean to offend you. Just saying that constructive criticism makes more sense to me than down votes without explaining what´s wrong with the product. But never mind. You´re free to do what you favor to do, Sir
  5. lol I didn´t know that either Congrats IXEG!
  6. K4bel123

    Next update

    A bit off topic but this @Raphaelvix guy seems to be an interesting case. He has never posted any content in the forums but yet I see him voting down so many posts regarding X-Plane development content like here in the IXEG subforum. If you really have a problem with a product or with a person, why don´t you post your issue in the forums or talk to the persons like a normal adult person? Discouraging people who try to improve our world of X-Plane seems the wrong answer to me...
  7. K4bel123


    I think that there definitely is a noticable difference in the amount of wingflex between the 737 Classic winglet or non-winglet variant. I think that the wing of the 737 Classic is quite stiff because it is rather short. Therefore you can hardly see any winglex without the winglets. With winglets on the other hand a noticable momentum is created because they are placed at the very end of the wing. The wing is the lever arm of both the gravitational force (extra weight with the winglets) - seen especially during taxi and takeoff - and the lift: Here you get extra lift because the winglets do not only reduce drag but also increase lift. I´m not sure though how much difference there is but I think that modelling the variants correctly is not a trivial task at all if IXEG want to do it properly. And I guess you guys know that IXEG luckily are developers who don´t like releasing half-baked things. They take their time to do it properly. This means we probably need to wait longer for this nice-to-have feature but I´m happy with that .
  8. K4bel123

    30 FPS w/IXEG 737 no matter what...

    You must have locked your frame rate somewhere. I´d suspect it to be in the Nvidia control panel.
  9. K4bel123

    AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Hey Tom, this is also the one thing that I really hate sometimes with XP. My sim crashed twice today in-flight. I´ve got no idea why XP crashed. I´d therefore be really interested in this script. That would decrease many users´ frustration . Thanks, Julius
  10. I´ve done many shared cockpit flights so far and I can tell you guys that it is completely immersive with the IXEG 733. But I have to warn you: You might miss your copilot when flying alone afterwards So I like your idea to get something like this a bit organized, Adolfin.
  11. K4bel123


    andreasxb is right. If you disable the autopilot with the autopilot disconnect bar, which is located just below the actual autopilot A + B buttons, this will not only cut the power to the autopilots but also to the flight directors and therefore you will lose both your lateral and vertical guidance. Alternatively you could also add an autopilot disconnect command to a joystick button.
  12. K4bel123

    Default 737 Wingview

    Thanks. I didn´t read carefully I guess
  13. K4bel123

    POLL: VNAV use

    @Morten I also use VNAV nearly all the time for climb out (on- and offline). For descent I normally use VNAV only offline because ´I can clear myself to lower altitudes´, but when descending online, Vatsim or IVAO ATC also tends to mess up my vertical flightplan just like in real life and therefore I normally don´t use it. I think this applys to many simmers but - like mmerelles said - simmers mostly fly offline (either because they don´t like flying online or because there is no sufficient ATC coverage). I guess this kinda explains the difference. Also, real world pilots get paid for being in the cockpit and checking their instruments, flight plan, listen to ATC, scan for traffic and so on. Sim pilots on the other hand don´t need to worry about the safety of their virtual passengers or their virtual airplane and therefore tend to do other stuff like watching someone else´s live stream of another sim flight. And in order to do so, you need the autopilot to stay on it´s preprogrammed lateral and vertical flight plan, which happens to be LNAV and VNAV Nevertheless I find it to be quite an interesting comparison. Thanks for sharing!
  14. K4bel123

    Default 737 Wingview

    how did you do that?
  15. I don´t know what might be causing this but you should probably ask in their forum because this one is for the IXEG 737-300.