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  1. SkyCoyote

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    "Good Golly Miss Molly", with all these anomalies between the 733, Gizmo, and xp11, I think I'll try Tetris for awhile.
  2. SkyCoyote

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    So much for asthetics. How about useable VNAV?
  3. Incompatibility should be Apples middle name. Since the passing of Steve Jobs, each OS update they have introduced has rendered a plethora of hardware, and software useless. Personally, I’ve decided to pass on MAC OS upgrades after v10.9.5, and as for running X-Plane I’ve turned to a PC with plenty of CPU, and especially GPU power to handle developer demands.
  4. SkyCoyote

    Function of "fmc_data" folder

    Thanks for the response Tom. Evidently all the IXEG team members are on hiatus, and have been since the 1.0.7 hot fix fiasco. I missed these posts regarding fmc_data. I'm still not clear on this but I'll assume that while using navigrarh, the "fmc_data" folder should be placed elsewhere.
  5. Will someone, in the know (possibly Tom), please explain the function of the folder named "fmc_data" directly inside the IXEG 737 Classic folder? I'm wondering if there might be conflicts with this data, and the navdata gleaned from the navigraph database.
  6. I couldn't help but notice the twins at the helm of the IXEG 737. These characters bear a remarkable (close but no cigar) resemblance to Lufthansa Captin Jan. Jan, is this an endeavor that remains in work?
  7. Tip, One of the benefits of using a Mac is grabbing an image of any portion of the screen can be achieved by using cmnd + shift + 4 and dragging the area of the screen you want to capture. This will leave a .png on your desktop.

  8. I've tried this several times, approaches to 20 at PHOG, and 09 at KSAN, all with the same results. The aircraft will not follow an FMC directed approach. On a Mac, If it makes any difference. I've decided it's best to go back to the 1.0.5 version for the time being. KSAN GizmoLog.txt
  9. Thanks Tom, The only problem now is using EXEC on the FMC, because after the update, Gizmo is crashing the FMC upon data entry attempts. A screenshot is all that's possible.
  10. Huh? A Gizmo... I've probably used the wrong terminology here, but shortly after the 737 release there was a shortcut mentioned to produce a file after a gizmo crash dialog appearance.
  11. Cameron, while you're on this fixit campaign, how about re publishing the shortcut for for creating a GIZMO log file. I searched the forum hi and low for it without success.
  12. SkyCoyote

    [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    It looks like Skiselkov is onto something. Worth a closer look anyway. The workaround in my case has been to leave the 737-300 in the hanger.
  13. Roughly 4-years ago I discovered that a Boeing 737-300 classic was in the works, and waited anxiously for it’s release. This bird along with a few of other small aircraft would complete my flight simulation experience. When X-plane 10 was announced I assumed that the Apple Mac Pro would handle future system requirements. After all, I purchased this model because of it’s dual GPU’s ,and specifically to handle my video editing, and 3D modeling/rendering activities, all relying heavily on graphic processing loads. By the end of April 2016, with the release of IXEG’s 737, it began to become clear my hardware configuration was not going to support the aircraft. Frame rates fell to a dead stop, and even with extra plugins and scenery off X-Plane would crash. I realized that X-plane was only using half of the 3GB VRAM my Mac Pro claimed to have. All X-Aviation’s X-plane add-ons that I’ve purchased, with the exception of the DC-3, create some level of GPU hit that makes it impractical to run. The Mac I have was not developed to be a gaming engine. The graphics software I’m using was written to take advantage of dual GPU’s. If I wanted to stick with Apple hardware, I should be using an I-Mac with a single 4GB GPU, built for games, at a cost considerably less than the amount spent on the Mac Pro system. Not all X-plane add-ons are unusable. I can still run most of the aircraft offered by X-Plane on the half of my VRAM accessed by X-Plane software. Unless I decide to by a second gaming system, I’ll just have to do without pretty sky’s and 737 detailed realism. Before anyone offers the option of running Windows using Boot Camp with Crossfire. I have a serious aversion to sloppy, ill-conceived programming.
  14. SkyCoyote

    VNAV descent

    That doesn't sound like anything out of the Ops Manual to me.
  15. SkyCoyote

    VNAV descent

    Great aircraft I'm enjoying takeoff, climb, cruise and descent, but approach not so much. My last flight EDDM 26R using INPU1N SID to EGLL ILS27R with LAM transition. The route: EDDM INPU1N Y102 UPALA UL610 BATTY UL608 DENUT UL610 GILDA LAM C127R ILS27R EGLL. My Nav data comes from Navigraph. The trip was inconsequential until I reached the EGLL ILS approach where the VNAV and LNAV left me poorly aligned with the runway, High and right. The altitude set on the MCP was well below ILS capture altitude. I have yet to make a successful Instrument landing with the 733. GizmoLog.txt