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  1. johnnykaercher

    TBM 900 v1.1.6 Update Released!

    Just loaded the new version 1.1.6 and am only seeing 5 fps where I normally would see 30. Also on a Mac if that helps. Johnny
  2. johnnykaercher

    Release 1.1.2 unusable

    Goran.... I'm on 11.26 and on a Mac (like Robder) and my side menu is missing. The TBM activated successfully and I even tried a fresh reload (shutdown and start) and the side menu is still missing. I will attach my log file as well.... Log.txt Johnny
  3. johnnykaercher

    Sim Freeze 1.02. MacOS

    I'm going to add to this thread as someone who has X-Plane freeze after a moment or so after the systems are powered up. At this point I still have not been able to do anything with the TBM since purchase Friday night. I'm waiting patiently while you guys sort out the issues, but it does appear something is wrong with the Mac version. I'm attaching my log for your review. Nevermind the texture issue with Washington... have never seen that before this morning and wondering if something has gotten corrupted during the many attempts at trying to get the TBM working and it freezing forcing a "Force Quit". If you require some testing please let me know. Log.txt Johnny
  4. johnnykaercher

    X-Aviation Licensing Pop-Up Window Won't Go Away

    Ben, after your last message and I had replied I went back and put the SkyMaxx Pro and Real World Connector plugins back into the plugins folder and the box went away. I don't want to fully uninstall the plugins, I just want to move them out of the plugins folder for a while, but it seems that if I do this then I get that box. Thanks, Johnny
  5. johnnykaercher

    X-Aviation Licensing Pop-Up Window Won't Go Away

    The box is quite annoying. I mean I removed (or moved out of the plugins) my SkyMaxx and Real World Connector as I am running without them for now for FPS issues but everything else is and has been in place for quite some time so I'm not quite sure why this all the sudden just started showing up. Is there anything I can provide to you to help with this? Thanks.... Johnny
  6. Good morning, not sure if this is where I'm supposed to report this or not but this started happening to me just this morning. I am attaching a screen capture and my log file for your review. I've never seen this before. If I just click the X it comes back. If I click update I tells me my license was updated but still doesn't go away. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Johnny Log.txt
  7. johnnykaercher

    Night Overcast (storm) Completely White

    Last night it was raining HARD all the way from Nashville to Kentucky. I thought I'd go for a flight. So I loaded up and this is what I saw. The picture is from the sky after takeoff but you can see the clouds are all white. When sitting on the ground it actually lit up the ground like it was light. It did go away after I climbed out above the storm, but this was really odd. I had seen a post on the x-plane.org forums but did not see an answer, and figured it should be posted in this forum properly. Have you see this before? Is there a fix or anything I can provide the next time it happens that will help in troubleshooting this? Thank you, Johnny
  8. I'm just kidding... I love THIS plane! IXEG, your team has set a bar that I wish each developer could reach. Every system in this plane (except my weapons systems) is just exceptional. As a private pilot that will never be able to obtain a commercial license, much less get the opportunity to fly a 737 you guys have provided the closest thing to it that I will ever get. I can't thank you enough for your hard work. Although I only found out about your efforts and work last October I have been eagerly and patiently waiting and it was totally worth it! I love the tutorials and example videos and the flights I have done in it have just been the best. I hope your sales were through the roof and that you were well rewarded for your efforts! If I could make a future update request it would be flight attendants bringing me a mid-flight snack, or more importantly coffee! Happy flying to all! Johnny KTUS
  9. johnnykaercher

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 30th

    I just assumed he meant Costumers.... as in: BWAHAHAHA
  10. johnnykaercher


    BTW, (I'm a little late posting to this topic as I got X-Camera last month) but I wanted to thank you for raising this question and introducing me to X-Camera! It is by far one of my favorite plugins so far. Between this and X-Assign these are the first two things I go in and config for each aircraft and new aircraft I get or have. I use the TrackIR 5 on a mac and the X-Camera lets me control the limits and the views perfectly. I love being able to set my views and have it automatically disable the TrackIR for each view and re-enable for others. So again thanks for the introduction to this plugin! Johnny