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  1. marpilot

    The Top of the World: Evening at Everest X-Plane 11

    Thanks for the movie in my favourite Lukla scenery. I must buy that one soon Good landing with the jet BTW. Cheers
  2. marpilot

    TBM oriented VA

    I wish I could have stable 25+ FPS so my flights online don't last longer then in reality. It is also with other planes - I need to set outside view, because in cockpit FPS drops often to 19-22 which is too slow XP 11.30 is beautiful but hungry beast!
  3. marpilot

    TBM oriented VA

    With smooth landing, congrats!
  4. Reinstall XPUIPC - downgrade to 2.0.4...something .
  5. marpilot

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    For me TBM is OK in RC1 - Win10.
  6. marpilot

    TBM oriented VA

    Hi, do you find ActiveSky much improvement over default clouds and weather?
  7. marpilot

    fuel remaining g1000

    Well, also new update of LittleNavMap features "collect performance for flight" so you can have exact fuel plan
  8. marpilot

    fuel remaining g1000

    You are right, today I flew for 1000nm (3.5 hrs) and at top of descend it showed - 120 lb (?) while I had 130 gallons onboard (finished with 120 gal). Ii was bete7 test, but I think in xp11.26 it was also an issue. Love that plane anyway Cheers
  9. marpilot

    TBM oriented VA

    Hello pilots, so we have 3 pilots now and a hub in LFMD https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/28828-lfmd-cannes-mandelieu-airport/ Join us with your TBM900 !!!
  10. marpilot

    Is FPS in XP11.30 beta higher?

    Will try it by myself - just installing second XP copy to make beta tests in b7 Thanks
  11. marpilot

    Plane suddenly jumps 1000nm away and 30k ft up

    Can confirm now - kAcars II with disabled "auto-pause" was the problem. It required VA admin settings. Cheers
  12. marpilot

    TBM oriented VA

    Yeah ! If you stay above 25 FPS
  13. marpilot

    Is FPS in XP11.30 beta higher?

    Hello, did anyone test the plane in beta? I've read the xp is getting smoother. Unfortunately my FPS often drop below 25 and I would like to avoid changing CPU or else...:( So?
  14. marpilot

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    Hi, when inputting fixes in flightplan the letters are often messed so I need to backspace. Is it reported or fixed in latest update?
  15. marpilot

    TBM oriented VA

    Which reporting system you decided on? kAcars II ? I noticed problems with that....:(