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  1. marpilot

    STAR select issue

    I am sure , actual navdata. Tested once again offline-the same. Seems like after passing PELEN there is no choice of this star again. I even added that fix again to the route in flight, but no help. Worth checking with other approaches - maybe a bug ? Cheers
  2. marpilot

    STAR select issue

    Hello, today on a short hop LICR-LICJ online IVAO I experienced a problem with selecting STAR. The route was SOPOM PELEN and initially I got clearance for runway 25 PELEN4B , then the approach ATC gave me 07 runway clearance, but I had no more PELEN STAR on my list to choose. At that time I passed PELEN fix - may this be a couse of lacking star on the list? Cheers
  3. marpilot

    SkyMaxx Pro 4.8

    Fine, could you please show some screens from 30.000ft ?
  4. Use only XPUIPC Version 64 bit With others there is throttle issue indeed.
  5. marpilot

    Elevator Trim

    Turn it ON on overhead panel.
  6. marpilot

    1.1.9 crash

    ...or move to SWIFT https://datastore.swift-project.org/page/about.php
  7. marpilot

    Updated website

    Hello again after almost a year I think we have more and more users of XP11 and you have here some of the best planes (IXEG,TBM900) and no one cares about 2 years old home page !? Thats strange..... PS.Now I hear about Treshold.
  8. marpilot

    Goran-M : Development Support Man of the Year

    Yeah! Fantastic product and support here
  9. marpilot

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    It is based on default XP9 plane so no way ( good for us).
  10. I wonder if the devs will be able to support their plane as HotStart did in first weeks of release Remember 7 updates in two weeks or so?
  11. marpilot

    Airbus 350 Orlando-Brasilia-Ushuaia X-Plane 11

    Lovely destination with great scenery:) Which version of A350 were you flying?
  12. marpilot

    CDU FMC Error

    Come on guys, lets fly
  13. marpilot

    Two problems(one)

    Jan, if there is a fix, please don't remove the option. Although BetterPushback is great, after some time I prefer to use something faster to execute Cheers
  14. marpilot

    Fuel Calculations

    Set view/wide in flt plan mode.
  15. marpilot

    Fuel Calculations

    Hi, the same here - wrong calculation: I have 1hr flight to go , 200 USG FOB, 58 USG FF and at destination I can expect -7 USG Devs please take a look into this bug. Thank you