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  1. Great location and my fav KODIAK !
  2. Updated website

    I asked this month ago..... Nice.
  3. Updated website

    Hello, it makes me wonder why this site with some of the best planes to buy is not updated on the main/news page? It doesn't look good for newcomers from FSX etc (I am not) to see "news" from 2015/2016 Any reason?
  4. Saab V1.5 Status

    Besides, when you open another aircraft after SAAB you have broken steering.... Can we avoid this? The only solution seems to reload X-plane 11.
  5. Saab V1.5 Status

    Thank you Goran for the update ! This is my favourite turboprop - the most complete one. Cheers PS.If only I could hear engines at replay
  6. Saab V1.5 Status

    What !!!???
  7. Calling X-Pilot my new home.

    Welcome, but be careful Jon
  8. Saab V1.5 Status

    Come on Chris737, don't be so meticulous For me this the only plane in XP10 that was finished product. Waiting for XP11 long.
  9. I had no problems -go ahead
  10. Hi, I have dosens of liveries and some where not seen as icons so I regenerated I can see no icon at all (?) In the livery folder they are black. Just redone
  11. Congratulations and couple of questions

    Oh yes - simply the best! An the update to 1.21 went without any problem Just landed at Kai-Tak 13 - what a pleasure to handfly B733 !!!
  12. So is it safe to update now to 1.21?
  13. Bombardier Challenger 300 v2 thoughts

    Wrong forum, try this: All I can say it is probably the best bizjet for XP11 now - flies great
  14. Saab V1.5 Status

    Hi, reading about problems with Gizmo here and at IXEG do you consider releasing it with older Gizmo64 v18.02.27.0200 ?