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  1. marpilot

    Airbus 350 Orlando-Brasilia-Ushuaia X-Plane 11

    Lovely destination with great scenery:) Which version of A350 were you flying?
  2. marpilot

    CDU FMC Error

    Come on guys, lets fly
  3. marpilot

    Two problems(one)

    Jan, if there is a fix, please don't remove the option. Although BetterPushback is great, after some time I prefer to use something faster to execute Cheers
  4. marpilot

    Fuel Calculations

    Set view/wide in flt plan mode.
  5. marpilot

    Fuel Calculations

    Hi, the same here - wrong calculation: I have 1hr flight to go , 200 USG FOB, 58 USG FF and at destination I can expect -7 USG Devs please take a look into this bug. Thank you
  6. marpilot


    Seems to be OK - couldn't wait
  7. marpilot


    Hello, did anyone try TBM900 in latest final XP? Not broken?
  8. Where can I download a DEMO version of FS global?
  9. Make a flight plan on SimBrief and download in IXEG format-there are al least 3 different .fpl formats - it is not only extension
  10. Put the .fpl in coroutes folder inside aircraft/X-aviation/IXEG 737 classic folder (it is already there)
  11. marpilot

    TBM oriented VA

    Have fun and good luck
  12. marpilot

    TB900 x-aviation

    Search Hot Start TBM900 forum - there is a fix to this
  13. Hi, can I use RWC only with default xp clouds? I have SkyMaxxPro since XP10 but I am not safisfied with it now in XP11. Can you make a patch for RWC to use it without SMP? Please
  14. marpilot

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    With the last update Laminar broke two important things: real weather download and TBM900 The worst update for me (11.31)
  15. marpilot

    Two problems(one)

    Hello, I noticed two issues today flying XP11.30. 1) pushback (native IXEG) doesn't turn left/right 2) can't maintain Mach 0.75 at FL340 (GW ca.52 t) - had to desc FL300 Cheers