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  1. marpilot

    TBM oriented VA

    Good.Considering to join you I was thinking for a while to create a VA in Nepal (I love flying there VFR) but it was overwhelming... Cheers
  2. marpilot

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Hi, will you release it after XP11.30 goes final?
  3. marpilot

    IMPORTANT Autopilot issues fix

    So it is the latest XPUIPC working well with IXEG? 2047?
  4. Ok, so the XPUIPC problem with throttle has been discussed before. Looks like only fix is to use older verions than I can live with it Cheers
  5. marpilot

    assigned throttle axes don't work

    Will reinstalling B733 help? Maybe should try.
  6. marpilot

    assigned throttle axes don't work

    NOT SOLVED The problem persists also with this ver.XPUIPC If I disable it then everything is OK (throttle). Hmmm....
  7. marpilot

    assigned throttle axes don't work

    I didn't know there is a newer XPUIPC!? Do you have a link to the latest? Thanks PS.Just got it. Will try and report
  8. marpilot

    No sunvisors?

    Since I had SAAB340 I knew this one will be very special
  9. marpilot

    No sunvisors?

    Thanks - I reduced effects having low FPS. Just finished a flight LSZA-LIPB in real poor weather, experienced icing (beautiful), defrosting and landing with syntetic vision (vis 2.2 nm) and must say IT WAS SO REAL !!! Thank you for the plane - the best GA for XP11 I am sure To have a bit better FPS I dissabled all custom sceneries and gained 5-10 fps. Recommended if you don't have top system. Cheers
  10. marpilot

    No sunvisors?

    Hello, today I noticed missing sunvisors in v.1.1 Cheers
  11. marpilot

    assigned throttle axes don't work

    Hi, strange thing is only your plane has problem with throttle - can't move it even with mouse - when new XPUIPC in use. Bye
  12. marpilot

    assigned throttle axes don't work

    Jan? Hello, would you consider including compatibility with XPUIPC2.0.5.9 in the next B733 update? It is for pilots flying in virtual airlines Cheers
  13. marpilot

    assigned throttle axes don't work

    Thanks for the solution - I just updated to XPUIPC v. and the problem occured. Before I go back to previous ( may I ask if you can make it compatible?
  14. marpilot

    Reloading livery

    Hi, when I change weather (to custom Cavok) or reposition aircraft on the apron I often experience "livery loading-please wait". It is annoying bug IMO. Please, can you solve it?
  15. marpilot

    Reverse pulling left

    Hi, tell me if it is real that plane pulls to the left when reverse applied at landing. I wish it wouldn't be so difficult to stay on runway while reversing (on short, narrow runway usually) Thank you for this great addon! PS.This is stronger with crosswind at landing.