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  1. Engines not starting

    I am part of those clandestine Saab 340 pilots in XP11 and therefore I do not complain that my engines won't start in 11.10b4
  2. [Merged] XP11.10 BETA ISSUES

    thanks mmerelles for your reply, the issue is that the ixeg specific commands do not get assigned, the X-plane generic ones do. yes, I have checked the axis and button ids and they did not change vs. previous version I will try to re-download a clean flywithlua to see if anything got messed up there during backup and update processes
  3. [Merged] XP11.10 BETA ISSUES

    as I am not a guru in scripting I would like to ask around if your joystick assignments still work in 11.10b2 with the flywithlua joystick.lua script. i am aware there is the new profile feature, but some of these "precise" commands are not available, therefore I was trying to go back to lua here's my script: --- Joystick and axis definition local RUDD = (0*40) local X55S = (4*40) local X55T = (8*40) local ARud = RUDD/8 local AXSt = X55S/8 local AXTh = X55T/8 --- BOEING IXEG 733 function set_b733() set_axis_assignment( AXTh + 10, "throttle 2", "normal" ) set_axis_assignment( AXTh + 11, "throttle 1", "normal" ) set_axis_assignment( AXTh + 14, "reverse", "normal" ) set_axis_assignment( AXTh + 15, "speedbrakes", "normal" ) set_button_assignment( X55S + 0, "ixeg/733/autopilot/AP_A_cws_toggle" ) set_button_assignment( X55S + 1, "ixeg/733/autopilot/AP_disengage" ) set_button_assignment( X55S + 2, "ixeg/733/autopilot/at_disengage" ) set_button_assignment( X55S + 3, "ixeg/733/autopilot/AP_A_cmd_toggle" ) create_positive_edge_flip( X55T + 1, "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_at_arm_act", 0, 1, 0 ) set_button_assignment( X55T + 2, "sim/engines/TOGA_power" ) create_positive_edge_trigger( X55T + 12, "ixeg/733/lighting/land_light_all_act", 0, 1, 0 ) set_button_assignment( X55T + 34, "ixeg/733/flaps/flaps_15" ) end ... if PLANE_ICAO == "B733" then set_b733()
  4. easy.. ok with FuselageFlex™ we surely can dope the good old Classic to supersonic speeds but we need to master Warp speeds before we can consider SceneryFlex™
  5. Training Video's

    It does allow external views in replay, you might just not see all animations. Sent from mTalk
  6. New soundpack for FSLabs

    and I use headphones when I fly online for ATC, so I wouldn't appreciate those sound packs anyway
  7. New soundpack for FSLabs

    that might be the shortcoming that the aircraft+sim combinations I use, simply don't have.
  8. New soundpack for FSLabs

    nice, however, those "quality" airplanes I own for XP do not require such "enhancements" to be cool, implemented sounds by original devs are already top I always thought the FSLabs was one of the best for FSX/P3D... wonder why people need this, maybe to overcome some shortcomings?
  9. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4.1 Update Released!

    God, I missed this plane! After porting the IXEG to XP11 I only kept my '10 in case I wanted to jump into the Saab Cockpit and hear those props spooling up! But I never flew her again, XP11 with a triple monitor setup is just a killer and the immersion of that improved projection system just brings it to a different level! Now I discovered that she can be used in clandestine way in XP11, what a joy! even with a few bugs she is already on the frequent flyer list. looking fwd to 1.5 and who knows when, but some beautiful day, welcome v2
  10. SMP4.6 + IXEG 737

    same bird, SMP4.6 here as well, nice storm towering up
  11. IXEG B737 Pressurization problem

    try to find Windows Defender and add an exception rule to it, including the complete XP11 root folder google it up if you are not able to set up rules yourself, there are a lot of tutorials out there
  12. X FMC Fuel Management is not working

    IXEG and EADT are two developers, their planes are also very different. Whilst the EADT free version is pretty good for free-ware, there is a big difference in terms of quality. check the link provided in above post, and if you want an add-on from a different league check out the IXEG if you are willing to invest a bit, I can only recommend it
  13. X FMC Fuel Management is not working

    have you tried the included customized proprietary FMC? why would you use X-FMC with the IXEG? that generic thingy used for less demanding entry level aircraft add-ons has got way less functions besides the fact that it is not compatible to my latest knowledge Are you maybe mixing up IXEG 737 Classic and the EADT 737?
  14. Vulkan what?

    Dear Sundog Team, As many other flight sim enthusiasts, I have watched some Laminar presentations on youtube, and the most recent one on FlightSimCon 2017 had some interesting road-map insights where Ben mentioned some potential trouble with certain plug-ins if they don't jump on the train rapidly. I don't even doubt you have already made some inroads on that subject. Can you share with us mortals what this Star Trek stuff is going to do as wonders? Do you rather expect headaches or better weather for us cloud fans?
  15. one advice: I have had to de-activate GroundHandling, TowTruck FollowMe and X-life already in XP10. JAR does not care if it does not work with the IXEG, I got that dicectly from the boss when asking support questions in relation with his GH plugin and the IXEG737... As I had to make the choice between JAR and IXEG, for me it was a no-brainer... If you are using XP11, get rid of those JAR-plugins. XP11 does all that for you.