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  1. TheFriedchicken

    Reference Development Status

    Updates are being posted in this thread if you want to have a look. You may have already seen it though Just for reference:
  2. TheFriedchicken


    I'm starting to think he is a troll
  3. TheFriedchicken

    A little poll for curiosity

    I use digital mostly, just my preference I suppose
  4. TheFriedchicken

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Never thought a cargo hold could make me so happy
  5. TheFriedchicken


    Doors are not implemented yet my friend, will be in the future though So to answer your question, yes it applys to all doors
  6. TheFriedchicken


    Well said, I'm more interested in flying this beauty on those wonderful approaches. I'm not one for automatic approach and landing (weather permitting) This aircraft flys so well, stuff the wingflex it's not important at this point.
  7. TheFriedchicken

    Cabin announcements?

    Shots fired
  8. TheFriedchicken

    Any chance to get these options in 1.0.8 ?

    Fantastic! Keep up the good work. Well worth the money I paid, certainly no disappointments yet.
  9. TheFriedchicken

    IXEG 737 - Output Datarefs?

    Thank you
  10. TheFriedchicken

    IXEG 737 - Output Datarefs?

    I found this also, I wanted to have my Master Caution and Fire warn switches light up, but i could not find the data refs for them. So sad.
  11. TheFriedchicken

    B737-300 Checklist for IXEG - Now with printable version!

    New version available
  12. TheFriedchicken

    Expanded 737 Classic Checklist Replacement

    Can this be available for print out as well. I want to make a physical copy which is laminated.
  13. TheFriedchicken

    Rising runway

    Easyjet used to have 737-200's/300's/700's back in the day Source: https://www.planespotters.net/airline/Easyjet
  14. TheFriedchicken

    Livery List & Requests

    Great list, Thank you for this
  15. TheFriedchicken

    update 733

    It will take some time I would guess, as the team are looking to bug fix this beauty first. Just have patience my friend