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  1. Hello, I did not see a topic for this wonderful plugin. So I thought I should start one. I do this with the blessing of the new developer of this plugin. His name is Antonello Mattacchieri The history of this plugin is well documented in the OTHER nasty place. So I won't bother repeating it here. But I can say that this is for me a great plugin which works really well & is being improved upon constantly. All the information for the plugin can be found at this address: http://124thatc.matacchieri.eu/ If you like me are not a fan of X-Plane's own ATC and/or you find keeping up with VATSIM and/or IVAO strange rules really tiresome, then this plugin is for you! Antonello has said he would join this forum & reply to any queries that come up. And I will also do the same, as long as I am allowed to. Lastly, I think the only thing that both Antonello & i would ask is that simmers should read the user guide & try the plugin out before reporting problems here. Steve