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  1. graidia

    Cockpit disappeared!!!

    It's working now.Thank you Jan for your help!!
  2. graidia

    Cockpit disappeared!!!

    Thank you , i'm gonna try it and report back!!!
  3. graidia

    Cockpit disappeared!!!

    Hi i'm using xplane beta 11.30b6 and i have a problem with the ixeg 737. after take off my cockpit is covered by a weird texture and i can't see nothing.the exterior model is working fine. i have attached a screenshot of the problem. i know beta version is not supported yet, but i'll be thankful if you could help me, because i fly a lot with this bird!! thanks in advance
  4. graidia

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Thank you guys for this beautiful aircraft.I'm happy to see that the terrain mode has been implemented.Looking forward also for the cargo model,because i love to fly freighter airplanes.
  5. I wanted to thank you guys for this aircraft, it has the best flight model ever created in xplane, no other aircraft can compete with the IXEG when it comes to flight dynamics, the systems simulation is great also.I really enjoy flying this aircraft a lot.keep up the great work guys.
  6. graidia

    Printable checklist?

    Thank you very much Kneighbour, i was looking for a printable checklist like this.
  7. graidia

    Saab Throttle and Condition Lever

    Hi guys Thanks for this outstanding job, the LES SAAB is my best plane on xplane. I have a similar problem with the reverses.I use Saitek Quadrant and i have use the reverses zone, the plane accelerate rather than decelerate.I didn't try to use the mouse with the PL, because it distracts me on landing.Hope someone tells me how to use either my saitek quadrant or a key to toggle the reverses. Thanks in advance.
  8. graidia

    Saab 340 radios brightness at night

    Thanks Cameron for your quick answer.Today i fired up the plane and every thing is bright.I didn't start the engines, but with the external power the brightness seems to be ok.I'll do a complete flight and i'll report back. Best regards kais
  9. Hi guys i have a problem with the radios and GPS brightness at night, i can't see anything even if the dome light is ON. i have attached a screenshot so you can see the problem i'm having. can someone tell me what's going on? thanks in advance
  10. graidia

    Airplane Flight Manual Saab 340A

    Excellent tool.Thx
  11. Thx Cameron every thing is working fine now.Next week i'm gonna update to version 3.
  12. thanks Cameron for fast reply my ticket number is Ticket #0KNA1 thanks in advance
  13. Hi I have skymax pro 2.1.1 and last couple of weeks in had problems with my new computer.To resolve the problem i installed the system 3 times.Last time i wanted to activate skymaxx pro and received the messsage that all available slot had been used.I contacted x-avition last saturday to fix the problem, they opened a ticket and told me the problem should be fixed in 3 days.till now, i'm still waiting.can some one tells me is that delay normal, because i had the same problem with opusfsi and flight1 resolved the problem in few minutes. In the contact page this paragraph is marked: Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 0600 to 2200 PST Saturday to Sunday: Usually Available Please use the form on the right to contact us with any comments or concerns. Also consider visiting our forums for quicker answers from those in our community. We will reply as soon as we are able and will endeavor to reply within 3 days, but usually quicker. Best Regards kais