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  1. mutt90

    Licensing windows

    I am suddenly getting two windows pop up when starting xp11. Once in yellow type that says " X-Aviation licensing . License expired. Please connect to internet" And one in Red type that says " X-aviation Licensing. License data invalid: 1. I have not changed anything. I have the IXEG and a number of other add-ons. 2. I am connected to the internet. It does not ask for me to enter anything. I can close the windows but they pop up when i restart. And it does not tell me what product its referring to
  2. mutt90

    X-aviation licensing window

    The box that popped up did not have an update button. I did notice this in other similar forum posts i've seen elsewhere where there was screenshot showing that button. That being said, i just clicked all over the box and then it did update. So, the bottom line is it looks like its resolved. Thanks everyone for your help
  3. mutt90

    X-aviation licensing window

    Attached are the logs GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  4. mutt90

    X-aviation licensing window

    Thanks. I will when I get home from work Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. mutt90

    X-aviation licensing window

    Today, i purchased Skymaxx pro and real weather. Now, when i start XP, I get a pop up X-aviation Licensing windows listing my email, all my products( 6 x-aviation products) and at the top says Next License check: 14 days, 4:49:22 and it counts down. i can close it, but it pops back up immediately. Very annoying. Also,I installed skymaxx and real weather. I get the drop down in plugins for skymaxx, but nothing for real weather. I assume this is because of this licensing issue. Any ideas? Thanks