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  1. vesalius

    Without digits in EIS - X-Plane 11.20vr1

    May I add to it that the digits are visible from dusk till dawn. Only during the day they are absent.
  2. vesalius

    Spoilers in replay Instantly Popping Up

    Never mind... just did another short hop. The spoilers popped up.
  3. vesalius

    Spoilers in replay Instantly Popping Up

    I noticed that the deployment during replay depends on the state of your spoilers before starting the replay mode. Unless I kept the spoilers in the UP position (spoiler lever down), they would popup during replay. Not sure if this observation is valid or just "pure luck"... Regards, Vital Vanbeginne
  4. Anyone, please? Thank you, Vital.
  5. vesalius

    [Merged] XP11.10 BETA ISSUES

    I've noticed that since XP11.1, when you start the APU, you can hear a default xplane engine sound (horrible synthetic noise) spool up on top of the IXEG APU startup sound. This is from inside the cockpit. Anyone can confirm this too? Or was this always there and I never noticed it? Regards, Vital Vanbeginne
  6. Hello, Allow me to come back on this topic. I've picked up again where I left 2 months ago and I see that we're something missing here in the story. As I see it, you use the blue color to pinpoint that part that needs to be reflective. No blue, so value 0, will apply no reflection. BUT, the hidden alpha layer (as I call it) contains the grey scale which will also be used in the sim to decide the amount of reflection... So here is where my problem starts. How can I paint on that hidden layer? Because I cannot access this greyscale layer when I open the png file in paintshop. I need to convert the png file to a tga file to see the greyscale layer in the alpha channel of that tga. But the, the file can no longer be used in XP. The effect of transparancy is lost and everything that this texture covers will shine like hell.. I'm not an expert so I may not explain it very well... All the best, Vital Vanbeginne
  7. Thank you Morten, that info helped me in the good direction.... Í'm now experimenting with the value's (intensity)
  8. Hi, I've paint 10 iconic belgian liveries that are well engraved in the collective memory of most belgian aviation fanatics. They all share the same customized vstab leading edge, photographic references show me those planes had not the same leading edge as the one we get with the IXEG by default. I do not know how to get my leading edge (which I have in object/layer format) applied in the fuselage_NML file. When I convert the fuselage_NML.png to TGA format, I loose the transparrency but I get a tga file with a RGB layer that is green with the elements that need to look shiny being blue/purple AND an "alpha" channel that shows more or less a blank 737 fuselage. If this TGA file is converted back to PNG, my 737 looks like a plastic model (wheels for instance get a completely plastic/shiny look). If I open the original PNG file with Photoshop, I see only 1 layer and that is transparrent. Everything you painting with the brush on this layer is non-transparent. I have been doing repaints for more then 20 years, but I'm not so a quick learner with these new techniques... Any help is much appreciated. Regards, Vital Vanbeginne
  9. vesalius

    Clock Date/Time function

    Lol, thanks Jan! Rgds, Vital
  10. vesalius

    Clock Date/Time function

    Hello, It came to my attention that the Date/Time function on the clock gauge is showing the year 2017 as (19?)87. Date/Month are correct (27/07 in my example). But year shows 87. When I look at X-plane's date functions and notice that X-plane is not working with years, you can only change Months, Date, Hour, Minutes and seconds... Is this the reason that the 737 cannot show the year or is it because the gauge in the real aircraft is actually affected by the millennium bug? All the best, Vital Vanbeginne
  11. Indeed, sorry for the confusing help. Ofcourse they are spring loaded. I just did a test on the tarmac. The instruments should go black immediately after powering down the APU if you haven't connected the generators.
  12. Hi Joni, It does sound like battery drain. Your GEN switches may be in the ON position, but they will not feed your electrical bus if they are in fact INOP/broken. Did you check the Amps meter to have a positive readout on the battery charge? All the best, Vital