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  1. Hello everyone, I am running into a problem on the TBM with the latest update installed. I experience a major FPS loss over the duration of a flight. I just made a flight between KBFI and KHND where the frames dropped from 70 to 40fps in the cruise. Interestingly enough, When I turned off the avionics once on the ramp the fps shot up from 35 to 75 instantly so I believe that it is something to do with the avionics in the aircraft. I love this plane but this seems like a bit of an issue. I have attached my log to this post to help find out what the cause of the issue is. TBM900_Log.txt
  2. gamingfunable

    Analog Gauges

    Hi Guys, First, hats off to the IXEG team for such an amazing and groundbreaking aircraft. I have previously seen a mention to analog gauges being implemented into the aircraft at a later date. I was just wondering if this was still in the cards for this aircraft? Thanks, Ben
  3. gamingfunable

    Liveries request

    Anybody up for this funbird?
  4. gamingfunable

    Cayman Airways WIP

    Any Updates on this livery?
  5. gamingfunable

    Liveries request

    How about a Cayman Airways Livery?
  6. gamingfunable

    Liveries request

    I would love a Swift Air livery
  7. gamingfunable

    Liveries request

    I would love a Swift Air livery
  8. gamingfunable

    CRJ-200 livery requests - Post here!

    Would anyone care to repaint Elite Airways CRJ-200 http://img1.jetphotos.net:8080/img/6/1/9/6/99908_1404829691.jpg http://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/b9f2498e78e2fef3009376af4768caba996a10e2/c=89-0-2668-1937&r=x404&c=534x401/local/-/media/Brevard/GenericImages/2014/08/01/1406909209000-Elite-Airways-Melbourne-Airport-1.jpg