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  1. ChessieN

    Livery List & Requests

    SWA new mexico one I did a few months back! http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36453-southwest-new-mexico-one-n781wn/&tab=comments
  2. ChessieN

    logo light inop w/ winglets

    The title says it all, when the winglets option is enabled, the logo light does not illuminate the tail. I have at least two confirmed cases, anyone else?
  3. ChessieN

    Systems questions

    I'm only getting about 27-30 psi. Ill do some digging once I'm on the ground.
  4. ChessieN

    Systems questions

    Hello everyone, these are just a few little questions about small quirks I have seen with the plane since I started flying it. 1. Why is the load on gen 1 (and therefore bus 1?) significantly higher than gen 2? If each side powers "half" of the redundant systems (eg one side powers ec hyd pump 1 and the other 2) should their load not be the same? 2. What's the normal oil pressure at Cruze? At 80% n1, I'm seeing it right on the edge of the yellow, with like 60-65% oil capacity. Is there any way to refil the fluids?