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  1. This very same teleporting issue plagued JAR buses for some ppl for some time now. For me it happened mid flight, some time hours in the air, totally random, could never isolate possible cause. Hope this helps somehow. Cheers
  2. YYZ342

    Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

  3. YYZ342

    Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    Just a word of caution. Uninstalling 15 and /or 17 may break other plugins that depend on for example python latest version. Cheers
  4. Thnx for this! I recall this now abt the plane never had an issue though until the update. Will try to resolve as u suggested. Cheers.
  5. This latest update while installed smoothly and error free literally rendered this great plane useless on my set up. The rudder pedals, throttle and the yoke are not calibrating any more: Saitek Pedals and Saitek x52 PRO controls. Xp11 does not remember calibration settings. I cannot control this plane. Reinstall did not resolve the issue. Tested against stock Cessna. Stock Cessna worked fine. Any thoughts on this? Cheers Log.txt
  6. YYZ342

    CRJ-200 Can't Release Brakes

    I had exact same problem last night with latest plane update on XP11 latest beta. Key binding was fine cuz I could see the break handle move; using mouse I could move it but it would snap back into set position not releasing brakes. What solved it for me was starting the engines. Now thinking back the APU was on but hydrolics were off until I started the engines. Something tells me hydrolics need to be on to release the brakes? Thoughts? Cheers