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    CTD and low frame rates with 11.30

    Laminar wrote: Unfortunately, we do not have a copy of this aircraft to investigate. Please contact its developer directly about what you have found. If they also see it, they should work with us directly because they will need to provide a copy of the aircraft to us.
  2. wsando1

    CTD and low frame rates with 11.30

    I also get 'TBM900[except.c:171]: Caught EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION' crashes, however in my case I've isolated the problem. Mine occurs when I have World Traffic AI defined in Xplane 'AI Aircraft' menu. Removing them resolves my c:171 crashes, but also removed AI from being visible on the G1000 (or any other plugin which relies on it). World Traffic otherwise works fine with no crashes, but not having the AI on the G1000 is a bit of an immersion killer. Not sure if its related to the parallel thread on the c:282 crashes and scenery, but there seems to be link to the G1000 again. Hope we can find a resolution. Thanks Recent Log Attached Log.txt
  3. Hi, this looks great. How do you achieve the Rotary Knob acceleration in the video posted? I have some dual rotary encoders for the G1000 NAV & COM and would love to achieve the same. Thanks.
  4. wsando1

    Plane drops out of sky when I disable Autopilot

    I use to have this problem on my first flights but I put it down to manoeuvring and airspeed. Problem stopped when I kept speed under control. Never knew the true cause but problem went away once I dropped power/airspeed especially during decent.
  5. wsando1


    Do you have AI aircraft enabled? I've been plagued with CTD's which had similar in the Log files, but have now found stability by removing AI Aircraft, specifically World Traffic AI from the Xplane AI Airplane menu. Even with all plug-ins removed including World Traffic, I had the maximum number of World Traffic AI still defined within the AI menu (out of sight, out of mind). With the AI removed I have improved stability significantly. The World Traffic plugin otherwise works fine, but I no longer get the World Traffic AI drawn on the G1000. I'm doing more testing now with default AI and again with World Traffic AI but in fewer aircraft defined within the menu. May not be relevant in your case but thought I'd share my experience.
  6. wsando1

    CTD 11.30 R2

    Ok, rolling back, thanks
  7. wsando1

    CTD 11.30 R2

    Hi, I upgraded to R2 in hope of my CTD situation improving, however I am now having CTD in cruise but seemingly for a Chart issue. I'm not even using the chart function. I'm just starring out the window enjoying the flight then...CTD The first log is when my Chart credentials were not in use. The second when I re-entered my Chart credentials assuming that may have been the problem. Never had this CTD until the R2 update. I'd be happy disabling charts all together. Any help appreciated. Log.txt Log.txt
  8. wsando1

    CTD, XP 11.30r1, TBM 1.1.3

    Ok, all plugins removed. Another CTD log file attached. I CTD in climb or cruise, no particular pattern I've been able to ascertain. It doesn't always crash, but i'd say its 50/50 at the moment between CTD and a successful flight. I do not experience CTD in any other aircraft, irrespective of plugins. I'd really like to get this resolved as this is a fantastic plane. Thank you Log.txt
  9. wsando1

    CTD, XP 11.30r1, TBM 1.1.3

    Hi, I too have been experiencing random CTDs. I've removed most of my plugins as recommended, and had the same phenomenon in both VR and non-VR. Log.txt attached. Thanks Log.txt
  10. wsando1

    TBM900 1.1.3 HDR lighting not working in 11.30r1 VR

    Access light switch isn’t working for me either. Or circuit breaker light. Access switch is now only momentary. I’m running same version again in VR. 1.1.2 plus all previous versions were fine.