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  1. mraviator

    Hot start every time

    Scratch that, operator error...
  2. mraviator

    Hot start every time

    No pun intended on the title :-) In the last two days, I've been getting a hot start on every engine start, making the aircraft unusable. I'm not sure what's going on as I use the exact same procedure I've used for dozens of flights previously (not new to this aircraft). Strangely, nothing has changed (using 11.30r2), neither on x-plane side nor on the TBM side (it worked fine for a few slights after 1.1.3 update). No odd indication i the log file either. Just curious of others are experiencing similar?
  3. mraviator

    Glide range ring on MFD?

    On the attached screenshot, is the blue circle on the MFD an engine out glide range ring? If so, it's incorrect with the given wind, as the wind component is visible on the PDF and a longer glide range should occur to the 10 o'clock direction on the MFD. bu tit's possible I'm misunderstanding what that ring is.
  4. mraviator

    [SOLVED] CTD Systems.xpl

    Props to the devs, that was quick. Nice job, the community appreciates it!
  5. mraviator

    [SOLVED] CTD Systems.xpl

    Also affected by this. Curious how notification of available update is done. Here in the forum or more automatically? Thanks.
  6. mraviator

    Soft crash with every action on XP 11

    I can confirm d/l and installing the OpenAL driver fixed the issue. Thank you very much!! This is a new Win 10 PC build, so something must not have installed properly during that process. Excited to get back into the Classic's cockpit...
  7. mraviator

    Soft crash with every action on XP 11

    Thanks for digging into this and letting me know where to troubleshoot. I'll see what's going on with this on my end.
  8. mraviator

    Soft crash with every action on XP 11

    Ok, here you go. Initial soft crash on load, then I flipped an overhead switch to trigger another one. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  9. mraviator

    Soft crash with every action on XP 11

    So is it possible this issue might occur copying from XP 10 on a Mac to XP 11 on Windows? That's what I attempted to do. And still no download link release... :-(
  10. mraviator

    Soft crash with every action on XP 11

    Thanks for the quick reply. I had the same thought yesterday and compared total number of files in folders, which matched to XP 10. I also made sure Gizmo plugin was in the plugin folder. I need to double-check the licensing folder/file, but after the initial copy, I was able enter my x-aviation account information and successfully passed the license login/check step. When I go to the side menu and check the license, it seems ok and the countdown towards a future data is in progress. Will play more with this after work.
  11. I realize IXEG isn't supported on XP 11 yet, but many people seem to have success flying it with minor tweaks. I copied mine over from XP 10 and am getting soft crashes. I understand the proper way is to install it, but I've been waiting for over a week now to get my x-aviation.com download link re-activated again. Until that happens (if that happens), I can't download the installer. In the meantime, every switch I flick, results in a soft crash. It feels very much like an improper install, especially since others don't seem to have this issue.
  12. mraviator

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    I think my console popup issue is due to an incorrect install. Unfortunately my x-aviation download link has expired. I requested to renew the link so I can download a proper install, but am on day 3 or 4, waiting to hear back to make that happen :-(
  13. mraviator

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    How is everyone getting IXEG 737 to work in XP 11? Everytime I flip a switch, the debug console pops up and tells me there a sound error, as if it's not finding the sounds file to play. Do I need to install Lua to make this work?
  14. I realize betas are not supported. But I'm reading that people are succesful flying the Classic, yet I am getting console window popup with every switch flipped, making it unflyable. Any advice?
  15. mraviator

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    What are the current side effects/issues with the Classic? I haven't loaded the Classic since beta 1 or 2. FPS drop on beta 5 does suck...