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  1. Attitude

    Ng changes on ground

    All of this has been fixed in the next update.
  2. Attitude

    Strange Mx expense after CTD

    It must think you are an A&P and IA.
  3. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket Liveries

    The infamous "Team Chemtrail" By ChefRob https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/53374-pocketrocket-team-chemtrail/
  4. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket Liveries

    "Green Line" By Christoph_T https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/53627-torquesim-pocketrocket-green-line/
  5. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket Liveries

    Dusty Crophopper By Christoph_T https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51497-torquesim-pocketrocket-dusty-7/
  6. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket Liveries

    No Smudges on G1000 screens
  7. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket Liveries

    RELEASED LIVERIES & LIVERY REQUESTS As artists create create liveries for our beloved Pocket Rocket we will link them here. If you have a request please feel free to post below preferably with an image to refer to. The current paint kit is available here The paint kit manual is located here for those that have never painted a livery before or would like some insights into the paint kit's "quirks". We hope you have been enjoying your experience with this hot rod! Current requests/WIPs: Bel Geode "Purple Dragon" Ag Tractor Yellow Fictitious Military Trainer
  8. Attitude

    VR Config.txt

    Noted, thanks @Pivot
  9. Attitude

    Canada SAR (fictional)

    Great idea! Love it!! Thanks~
  10. Attitude

    Cannot delete this

    I just saw your comment from Tuesday. I would have replied with a yes If you asked me to use my Royal Mail livery to make yours. No worries though. Be sure to always ask for permission before using someone else's livery work.
  11. Attitude

    Thank you!!!!

    @Tassierob Make me happy that you are enjoying it! Cheers!
  12. Attitude


    Did you ever get this resolved?
  13. Attitude

    Throttle quadrant question

    I would really suggest posting this in the correct forum. http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/forum/228-tbm-900/ With the TBM the way I have my throttle set is the button method that I mentioned above. Once you click it then you can bring the lever back into beta and then reverse then click it again to climb back above the gate to flight idle and above. The curve method does nothing for me with the TBM. Hope that helps! Like I said, try reposting this If my tip doesn't work... Cheers!
  14. Attitude

    Throttle quadrant question

    I don't think the curves work with the button. Try removing the button and trying the curves alone. Just be careful not to pull them into beta in the air as it does not like it. If that is too sensitive then try the button all by itself, no curves.
  15. Attitude

    Thank you!!!!

    @rf7 Nice set up!