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  1. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket 45% Off Sale!

    Yes it is VR compatible.
  2. Attitude

    No IAS and TAS on G1000

    @luming12013@126.comHave any pictures of the panel you can share? If HDR is not enabled the smudges can make the screens look a bit off.
  3. Attitude

    Fuel Select switch (SOLVED)

    @CoopAny suggestions or ideas?
  4. Attitude

    SR22 Development Update 3

    This will work directly with the RSG hardware. RSG commissioned us to do this project for the main purpose of having a Cirrus work directly out of the box with their awesome hardware. I'm excited for how far home simulation has come and it's getting even better as technology becomes more affordable.
  5. Attitude

    Rocket Pocket - Trim Issue

    @BruinBravo It sounds like the Rudder trim to me. It needs to be adjusted quite frequently. I rarely ever touch the aileron trim. The rudder is large and has plenty of authority. Try adjusting the rudder trim to center the ball. This should in theory fix this issue. The rudder trim is located on the center pedestal behind the throttles right next to the aileron trim. If it is something else we will dig deeper. Cheer!
  6. Attitude

    Error running installer

    @Cameron Any ideas?
  7. Attitude

    Error running installer

    Clear out all files you have downloaded and please downloaded the installer again. Thank you.
  8. I purchase The Gate to the Great Lakes: Fox Islands but the installer just before the end of the 1st part launch an error message "Unable to download component Fox Islands: Component file version does not match" hope you can help to get the files without this problen, greetings

  9. Attitude

    Error running installer

    Hey there! Sorry for the inconvenience. Hmmm, this is new. My first suggestion would be to right click the installer then "Run as administrator".
  10. Neat little plane! Nice work team LES~
  11. Attitude

    Ng changes on ground

    All of this has been fixed in the next update.
  12. Attitude

    Strange Mx expense after CTD

    It must think you are an A&P and IA.
  13. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket Liveries

    The infamous "Team Chemtrail" By ChefRob https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/53374-pocketrocket-team-chemtrail/
  14. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket Liveries

    "Green Line" By Christoph_T https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/53627-torquesim-pocketrocket-green-line/
  15. Attitude

    Pocket Rocket Liveries

    Dusty Crophopper By Christoph_T https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51497-torquesim-pocketrocket-dusty-7/