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  1. AirFMC now working with 1.2

    Same to me...
  2. Livery List & Requests

    Hello dear IXEG 737 funs. Is anybody can paint this beautiful bird in that colors. Have a soft landings and many thanks in advance!
  3. FMC CRASH when takeoff button is selected.

    Exactly same for me, FMC follow crash, if SID is not selected before attending TAKEOFF page. Never happen before 1.04.
  4. Hi, Once again and again many thanks for this peace of technology called Boeing 737 Classic. Herewith request, if some one can do that, configure xsaitekpanels ".ini" file with appropriate datarefs to made Saitek panels compatible with this aircraft. Many thanks in advance! Regards, Eduardas
  5. SkyMaxx Pro v3.1.2 Has Been Released!

    Thanks for quick reply Cameron. Well done after third time....
  6. SkyMaxx Pro v3.1.2 Has Been Released!

    ....this is really great, exempt that I has spent 2 downloads of 3 possible, with zero success of download. For the third time I scare to press the download button. Maybe good thing to wait until x-aviation server wake up after IXEG realize convulsion, then find anybody from support with request for reset of download quantity.
  7. Gizmo crashing sim after 1.3 ver. install

    iGoApp, that is true, but if youhave a look why, "...after a while" you will find that from cold and dark aircraft load, saitek panels comes alife only after main aircraft engine/sup and running andgenerator/s connected to the main buswhenewer left unlit on ground power during preflight preparations. Probably that is a point why time before crash diferent in time.
  8. Gizmo crashing sim after 1.3 ver. install

    In my case (opinion), this problem comming as soon as new "Saab_340_Xsaitekpanels.lua" from last xsaitekpanels 2.43 package, start read some commands from saitek panels, such altitude and course bug commence change values in aircraft. With older version (2.42 and older) there only indication on saitek multi panel of altitude and course diplay has place, when all changes were possible only on the aircraft panel bugs with mouse scrolling. I belive if Saab_340_Xsaitekpanels.lua creator look once where lua scripts interference wiht Gizmo work the problem should be resolved. Best regards...
  9. Gizmo crashing sim after 1.3 ver. install

    Following step by step addon inspection looks like I has find, that new xsaitekpanels 2.43 contained "Saab_340_Xsaitekpanels.lua" script which crash gizmo during time of operation. After replacement above mentioned lua script to older version (from 2.40 package) gizmo stable again (during 1 hour flight no crash). There no time for longer flight, so I still continuously in test mode. If crash occurs again I will attach log.txt as requested. Many thanks for your support! BRGDS.
  10. Dear LES support, after reinstaling the sim and redownloaded saab 1.3 installer there strange problem randomly every 15-20 min has place. Gizmo reporting conslole or even error reporting with complete sim shutdown occure every flight. Please any help very welcome. GizmoLog.txt