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  1. I have a 3-screen multi-monitor setup. If I set up the middle screen as the main screen (preferable), the toolbar is located on the left-hand side of the middle screen. When the toolbar collapses (ie. when not in use), the portion of it that goes out of view in the center screen becomes fully visible on the right-hand edge of the left-hand screen. The only way I can fix the visibility issue is to select the LH screen as the main screen (not preferable). This puts the toolbar on the left-hand side of the left screen. Has there been any thought to redesigning the toolbar so that is less visible and does not fully reappear in multi-monitor setups? Just Flight uses a small "Arrow" icon on their aircraft that expands into a menu when clicking on it. The arrow's opacity is also adjustable with a mouse scroll wheel which makes it barely visible to the user. Thanks for a great airplane! Rick S.
  2. I've noticed with TBM version 1.1 using X-Plane 11.30b2 that there is a repetitive sound in the cockpit when cold and dark that sounds like a radio static popping noise. It's not real loud and not a big deal. I have TBM version 1.09 installed using X-Plane 11.26 running on the same PC and there is no static noise. I'm not sure if it's an audio bug with TBM version 1.1 or an X-Plane 11.30 issue. I am curious if anyone else has noticed it. Rick S.
  3. ricktana

    Prop Governor failure when COLD AND DARK

    Fabbi, Thanks for your reply. I later noticed that Caution as well. If you look at the Pilots Operating Manual, Page 7.6.5, it further states that a control cable could be damaged. It does not say, however, that lifting the throttle gate while the throttle is in the Flight Idle position will destroy your Prop Governor. Because, if that is all you do with the engine shut down, the prop governor will fail and the power lever will go to full reverse by itself and stay there until you replace the governor. I'm not sure if this is a bug or the dev's way of simulating the warning below. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice to have a warning of some sort about it put in the Quick Start Guide. Rick S. CAUTION DO NOT MOVE THE COCKPIT THROTTLE INTO THE PROPELLER REVERSE POSITION OR DAMAGE TO THE LINKAGE WILL RESULT. REVERSE MAY ONLY BE SELECTED WITH ENGINE RUNNING AND PROPELLER TURNING When engine is shutdown, there is no oil pressure in the propeller and the feathering spring locks the Beta ring and the propeller reversing interconnect linkage on the engine. All rearward effort on the throttle, past the idle stop, may damage or break the flexible control cable.
  4. When I assign Registration Numbers to each livery, only the outside number painted on the fuselage or tail is saved to that particular airframe. The cockpit Registration numbers on all the other 9 liveries will change to the latest number changed. Example: If I register Livery #1 as N902AT, both the fuselage and cockpit numbers change to N902AT. If I then register Livery #2 as N903AT, it changes the cockpit registration on N902AT to N903AT, but does not change the outside registration number. It does the same to all the other 8 liveries. It does this using either the Airframe Manager or the TBM 900 plug-in. Rick S.
  5. I'm mapping my Saitek Throttle Quadrant to the airplane with the airplane COLD AND DARK. The Reverse Detent switch on the Saitek controller is programmed to "Thrust Reverse Toggle" per the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. When I move the throttle to the Flight Idle gate position and then toggle the fight idle lockout, the throttle will move back slightly into the "TAXI" range and then it becomes unmoveable. It cannot be moved with the Saitek controller or the mouse. I also get a message: "When the engine is shut down, position the throttle to CUTOFF to prevent inadvertently flooding the engine with fuel." If you go into the Maintenance Manager, it says that the Prop Governor is broken. Once I replace the governor, the throttle returns back to normal. I've already spent $232,000 on four prop governors trying to figure out what was causing the problem and I haven't even flown yet. Again, this is while the aircraft is COLD AND DARK. Rick S.