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  1. Pawel D.

    G1000 OBS function

    I haven't used it for some time, but I think it supposed to work only in GPS mode. It makes G1000 stop following flight plan and treat current waypoint (doesn't need to be vor or ndb, it can be just any fix) as navaid. You can use CRS knob on MCP (or whatever the autopilot panel is called in this plane) to set it like standard VOR HSI. You can use it for example to hold over non-navaid fix. I think that original G1000 documents would explain it well.
  2. Pawel D.

    Hot Start TBM 900 Suffers from Major Problems

    My simulation with XP11 and TBM is fully stable too. I don't make lots of longer flights, so I can't say that TBM causes any slowdowns. Of course fps changes all the time, but it can also be scenery/WX etc dependent. I'm happy with the plane. I've never experienced any CTD (I own it sine ver 1.03 I think).
  3. Pawel D.

    Help with ILS approach

    They are not combined. For capturing LOC and G/S you use APR mode, there is APR button on AP panel between HDG and NAV. NAV mode is used for FMS or VOR navigation. But. for both modes - NAV and ILS(LOC) you need to choose your CDI source on Primary Flight Display (PFD) - using CDI soft key at the bottom. It's usually set to FMS - then you have magenta coloured HSI. This source if used for flight plan following. Pressing CDI softkey cycles between FMS, NAV1 and NAV2 sources. When you choose NAV1 - HSI arrows turn green and allows you to capture and follow VOR or ILS - depending on NAV frequency set. So logic is similar to boeing. You continue most of your flight in NAV mode with FMS source (magenta HSI) following your flight plan (like LNAV i Boeing). Then you change to HDG mode (for vectors for ex.), then you set your NAV1 freq for VOR or ILS, whatever you need, change your source to NAV1 (green HSI), and switch to NAV mode for VOR following or to APR mode for capturing LOC and G/S. I'm not sure I made it clear. Feel free to ask, if not.
  4. Pawel D.

    Option for no persistence-wear and tear?

    I understand that some people may want to have such option. I also prefer using this more-demanding model, requiring to use it properly. For me it is what I look for in simulation. It let me learn more. it builds deeper immersion etc. But I also respect people that have different approach to our hobby, they have different expectations. So if such option would be offered, I wouldn't use, but it wouldn't disturb me in any way.
  5. This is also a bug in a default Laminar G1000. I filed a bug report.
  6. To access cumulative distance view: When you have Flight Plan open in MFD, there is VIEW softkey at the bottom. When you press it, you have two new softkeys: LEG-LEG and CUM. They allow you to change distance view mode in FPL.
  7. Hi, I think that Cumulative view of flight plan gives me incorrect distance values. All of them seem to be wrong. Can someone please check and confirm? Regards, Pawel
  8. Pawel D.

    No cold and dark option?

    I'd like to have C&D option too. It's not that we don't want to leave our aircraft in that state, but sometimes you are just not able to. Some people have CTD, but there are a lot of reasons not to finish you flight.
  9. Pawel D.

    Saab V1.5 Status

    Customer is not always right. Such statement has some different meaning. Goran communicates with our community in fantastic way. It's pretty rare situation when we can have such a great contact with addon developer. He stated that his work on Saab 1.5 update is over, but it's been explained a few times already that it didn't mean that it's ready for download. It's also been explained why. All misunderstandings were clarified. If you don't want that status information, then don't follow fb and forums, and just wait for e-mail with official update announcement. Besides, Saab is flyable in present version of XP11. And finally, from my perspective... I've got two aircraft form XA - MU-2 and Saab. Both are supported for free for long time, both are good quality. Updates for both of them are well tested and usually with very few bugs. So XA has my respect and I believe they know what they are doing... Pawel
  10. Pawel D.

    Version 1.5

    I think, that by saying 'Goran doesn't want to just come out with that specific detail' Cameron means that Goran doesn't mention that it is going to take a few weeks. He doesn't say that something is missing in technological process. Am I right? As we don't know the process and required work, we (or some of us at least) assumed that's gonna be just a few days.
  11. Pawel D.

    MU-2 and XP11

    I did a few flights in XP 11 pb8 and 9 - all seems to be OK.