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  1. seth

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    thanks , i already made all these suggestions, but sometimes looks like External injector is stuck on previous weather conditions... anyway i will test more
  2. seth

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    Hi Just re-installed updated edition of Skymaxx. looks like there is not a standard method to inject correct weather from Asxp though Rwc. External injector + Always + Automatic have the same result which sometimes is not correct with Asxp conditions. finally which is the correct method to use property Rwc+Asxp ? thanks
  3. seth

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8 Update Released!

    same here, i cant install real weather connector with 4.8, is there any issue?
  4. seth

    SkyMaxx Pro Update 4.7.3 Released!

    ok thanks! works perfectly with AS
  5. seth

    SkyMaxx Pro Update 4.7.3 Released!

    Just a question regarding 4.7.3 and RWC: Which is the best option to choose for Active SKy XP - FSGRW /External injector or - ALways ? with some tests that i made i saw that ASXP works much better with FSGRW/External injector. Thanks
  6. seth


    same here 2018-11-01 16:08:16 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000
  7. this is an amazing "Fine Art " Sky. Great work , congratulations.
  8. seth

    Single digit FPS with SMP 3.3.2 and RWC

    had the same issue after SMP 3 update , couldnt even make a flight route with these single digit fps numbers ( mostly 08 - 010). But i could confirm ( 98%) after some heavy route flights ( 3 hours etc ) in bad weather conditions that S.M.P 3.3.2 solved that issue and everything is smooth ( 30 fps stable). i used FS Global real weather engine , but i strongly recommend NOAA weather plugin + Sky Ventura. i made a flight today from LGAV to LIMJ and combined with SMP and RWC ...the result was beyond words... Rain/thunderstorms with heavy clouds, turbulence , upper winds etcc with stable and smooth 30 fps.
  9. just reinstalled x-plane 10, no Hdmesh, w2xp, airports ( except payware EGLL/LSGG) , no extra libraries etc.. and i still had this weird frame drop loss after 25 min flight. attached some screenshots for a preview. Even with minimum skymaxx settings i had 8 or 10 fps. the only way to fix and return to smooth and stable flight of 30s,40s,50s fps is to disable SMP.
  10. with default x-plane clouds + Fs global read weather everything is smooth and stable to 30 - 60 fps with out any drop during the whole flight route. 100% its not high rendering settings. Cameron and Sundog allready know regarding this "weird" fps issue.
  11. 35 fps its a bless.... i have 8 to 12 fps with GTX980 , i7 3930 4.7 ghz , 32 gskill 2133 ram and ultra fast ssd. I start to believe also that there is an issue in Europe , especially in the central/west/north scenery areas.Disabling w2xp or RCW didnt fix that issue.
  12. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    i disabled hd mesh, w2xplane , took out flywithlua + RTH and i am still having in almost every flight this "weird " fps loss. Especially on LSGG - EGLL route ...in the middle of the flight fps drops to 8 - 15 and the only way to go back to 30s /40s/50s is to disable SMP . acts like an overloading buffer size which needs to be reset. with Default x-plane Clouds + Fs global real weather everything is stable and smooth without any issue....but i am not having the beauty and amazing quality of SMP...
  13. seth

    SkyMaxx Pro v3.2.2 Has Been Released!

    same for me , re downloaded RWC also , but its not working.
  14. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    this is exactly what i have with almost every flight which is more than 60 min. This time when i had this frame-drop appeared , i tried something different. I increased/decreased just the cloud covered area sq/m number , which always had a positive feedback ( gain fps) but just for a while...!
  15. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    today i made 2 flight routes just to be 100% sure regarding this weird "frame drop" issue. LSGG-EGLL: the Sky while the plane was still in the airport was busy enough with clouds. fps was stable to 35 - 50 even in a payware busy aiport like LSGG. during the flight frames were stable to 35 - 40 and after 1h and 20 minutes fps had a huge drop to 08 - 15 fps ... couldnt even continue the flight as everything was like in slow motion with stutters and lagging. tried to decrease cloud/terran blend and Cloud shadows and i had again the stable fps to 30-40 but just for a while ! then again the frame drop appeard. when i disabled SMP and RWC with the default X-plane clouds + FS global real weather everything was stable and smooth with average fps 40 to 60. LGAV- LIRF: same story but with less clouds during the flight. the weird part here is that i tried to increase this time the cloud area covered sq.km and i had a huge increase from 15 fps to 50 fps .....but that was just for 3 to 5 minutes , then again the weird frame drop appeared. For some reason every change that i make on skymaxx pro panel affects positive the fps but just for a while. i had Skymaxx 2 and 3 and i never had similar issues like that. I think everything started after 3.1 update release ( if i remember correct ).