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  1. this is an amazing "Fine Art " Sky. Great work , congratulations.
  2. seth

    Single digit FPS with SMP 3.3.2 and RWC

    had the same issue after SMP 3 update , couldnt even make a flight route with these single digit fps numbers ( mostly 08 - 010). But i could confirm ( 98%) after some heavy route flights ( 3 hours etc ) in bad weather conditions that S.M.P 3.3.2 solved that issue and everything is smooth ( 30 fps stable). i used FS Global real weather engine , but i strongly recommend NOAA weather plugin + Sky Ventura. i made a flight today from LGAV to LIMJ and combined with SMP and RWC ...the result was beyond words... Rain/thunderstorms with heavy clouds, turbulence , upper winds etcc with stable and smooth 30 fps.
  3. just reinstalled x-plane 10, no Hdmesh, w2xp, airports ( except payware EGLL/LSGG) , no extra libraries etc.. and i still had this weird frame drop loss after 25 min flight. attached some screenshots for a preview. Even with minimum skymaxx settings i had 8 or 10 fps. the only way to fix and return to smooth and stable flight of 30s,40s,50s fps is to disable SMP.
  4. with default x-plane clouds + Fs global read weather everything is smooth and stable to 30 - 60 fps with out any drop during the whole flight route. 100% its not high rendering settings. Cameron and Sundog allready know regarding this "weird" fps issue.
  5. 35 fps its a bless.... i have 8 to 12 fps with GTX980 , i7 3930 4.7 ghz , 32 gskill 2133 ram and ultra fast ssd. I start to believe also that there is an issue in Europe , especially in the central/west/north scenery areas.Disabling w2xp or RCW didnt fix that issue.
  6. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    i disabled hd mesh, w2xplane , took out flywithlua + RTH and i am still having in almost every flight this "weird " fps loss. Especially on LSGG - EGLL route ...in the middle of the flight fps drops to 8 - 15 and the only way to go back to 30s /40s/50s is to disable SMP . acts like an overloading buffer size which needs to be reset. with Default x-plane Clouds + Fs global real weather everything is stable and smooth without any issue....but i am not having the beauty and amazing quality of SMP...
  7. seth

    SkyMaxx Pro v3.2.2 Has Been Released!

    same for me , re downloaded RWC also , but its not working.
  8. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    this is exactly what i have with almost every flight which is more than 60 min. This time when i had this frame-drop appeared , i tried something different. I increased/decreased just the cloud covered area sq/m number , which always had a positive feedback ( gain fps) but just for a while...!
  9. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    today i made 2 flight routes just to be 100% sure regarding this weird "frame drop" issue. LSGG-EGLL: the Sky while the plane was still in the airport was busy enough with clouds. fps was stable to 35 - 50 even in a payware busy aiport like LSGG. during the flight frames were stable to 35 - 40 and after 1h and 20 minutes fps had a huge drop to 08 - 15 fps ... couldnt even continue the flight as everything was like in slow motion with stutters and lagging. tried to decrease cloud/terran blend and Cloud shadows and i had again the stable fps to 30-40 but just for a while ! then again the frame drop appeard. when i disabled SMP and RWC with the default X-plane clouds + FS global real weather everything was stable and smooth with average fps 40 to 60. LGAV- LIRF: same story but with less clouds during the flight. the weird part here is that i tried to increase this time the cloud area covered sq.km and i had a huge increase from 15 fps to 50 fps .....but that was just for 3 to 5 minutes , then again the weird frame drop appeared. For some reason every change that i make on skymaxx pro panel affects positive the fps but just for a while. i had Skymaxx 2 and 3 and i never had similar issues like that. I think everything started after 3.1 update release ( if i remember correct ).
  10. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    i confirm 100% as i made all the tests with or with out HD mesh , w2xplane, and high/low rendering settings. I dont think its a general resource management issue as with X-plane default clouds + FS global read weather + Hd mesh + w2xplane flight route runs smooth with out any issue ( stable to 30 fps ) Looks like something is working behind when Skymaxx and real weather connector is enabled. Ultra weird issue as my cpu, vram and ram when i am running x-plane is not even on 60% of full use... also its really important that i am not the only one with the same fps "weird" drop issue , as you could see from this topic other people ara facing the same exactly problem. thanks
  11. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    i was suprised as with the new nvidia gtx driver everything was smooth even with heavy clouds/weather ...but after 1 hour of flight near EGGL again this weird frame drop appeared. I checked on skymaxx panel my vram and i have alsmo 1500 mb still available... this is really weird and as you see some other people have exaxtly the same issue. Skymaxx pro 3 is by far the best add-on in X-plane right now but for sure there is an issue here with the fps as its impossible to make a normal flight. X-plane default clouds with fs global real weather works perfectly , smooth even in the worst weather conditions , with HD mesh enabled and ultra high rendering settings. regarding the frame drop hit ..its always unexpected after some minutes or even 1 hour after a flight....even sometimes with a really good weather conditions with rare clouds
  12. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    368.39 , but at the end of the route near EGLL i had again frame drop even with 368.81....so it was not nvidia driver. from 30 fps i had again this weird frame drop to 08- 15
  13. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    Just downloaded new GTX driver ( 368.81) and so far during my flight from LSGG to EGLL fps stays stable and smooth ( from 30 to 60 ). try to enable v-sync to ON ( i always had this to half adaptive , but now with On everything run smooth) thread optimization always to Off ( even that gives more fps is reasponsable for stutters etc ) power management : Maximum pefromance and use single pc performance mode i am near EGGL airport and didnt have any frame drop till now ... so i think it was nvidia driver issue and not SMP...
  14. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    you could check this topic : similar issues and Sundog stated that is possibly v-ram limitation.
  15. seth

    FPS Issues as flight progresses

    i have exactly the same issue. After 20 or 30 minutes of flight , from 30 fps i am getting stable 08 to 12 fps with not even many clouds or bad weather. When i disabled SMP & RCW fps return to 30 and everything is smooth....for sure this is weird as i am having also gtx 980 and i never pass the limit of 4g vram