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  1. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Hey Marshall, thanks. Just did a test with XE off and no issues other than ripping off my right flap...not sure if that was valid (was I really "overspeed") but I worked thru the problem. Short flight and no crash but I'm not sure how conclusive these tests are since it's not always repeatable. Good to see you around! -- Greg
  2. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Same here, never had a problem with the prior version of the Saab in v11...XP crashes to desktop most of the handful of times I've tried. it. I know a mac guy that had a similar problem, he reverted back to the prior version of the Saab (v1.3) and his problem was solved. Just an FYI.
  3. Some bugs? V1.4

    Yep aware of that, that's why I said I didn't expect support. Thx! -- Greg
  4. Some bugs? V1.4

    I don't expect support per se. These seem easy enough to reproduce, just was testing and starting a descent and as soon as I clicked crashed XP to desktop. I mention this because 1.3 was SOLID in maybe these are common issues. Logs attached for this one. Thanks! -- Greg
  5. Some bugs? V1.4

    In XP 11, hydraulic pump fine here, the continuous running pump was intermittent in 1.3 as well. I did notice I don't have scroll wheel support enabling it doesn't change anything except it disables standard click-drag functionality. Not a bad thing perhaps (at least for me). Also, it seems during replay rudder deflection is reversed...but perhaps this is XP...not sure. This plane looks amazing! And once around the pattern, very nice to fly. Superb job Team LES! -- Greg Edit: No manipulator option for Nav1 in center console...confirmed. Heading and Nav2 work for me with scroll wheel turned off for manipulating those
  6. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    I agree with sdflyer. Do any of us fly a 733 to know the flight model isn't tuned to the exact specifications your team demands? No. Do most of us care? No. Would we like to have a plane that at least works in XP 11...I would. Call it a beta, a work-in-progress...whatever you want. Realistically, the 737-300 was never really out of beta (based on your definition of beta) in the first place. Yes, you fixed several problems early but the plane still won't turn to the final approach into several airports...confirmed bug months ago and not yet fixed. That's fine. The soft crashes are the killers. The IXEG is obviously a favorite and we want to use it...that's quite the compliment to your team. You should feel flattered rather than angry. Thanks and good luck, hope to fly it in XP 11 soon. -- Greg
  7. Problem on approach for SNA

    @litjan thanks. No I know it didn't have anything to do with the magenta issue since it's not released yet (that I know of). It may be related to the recent 10.50 update as I don't remember it happening prior but really, impossible for me to say without trying to recreate it. Just so many variables in the sim. Thanks! @mmerelles No I don't use windows defender (I use webroot). I attempted to press EXEC but the sim was so unresponsive I gave up. Thanks though for the help.
  8. Problem on approach for SNA

    Oh great. I just attempted a flight from KLAS to KSNA and descending down to 8000 or so, just past KAYOH I attempted a DIR to SNAKE and she locked up...that is...about 1 frame per 20 seconds...after giving it some time to recover, I bailed. Can't wait for the next update! Thanks Tom. Video if helpful:
  9. SMP3 Cloud Draw Distance Problem...

    Thanks for the replies...I'll look into FSGRW.
  10. SMP3 Cloud Draw Distance Problem...

    Is it possible to add an option to override whatever XP is telling you? If performance is an issue, I'd vote to let end users worry about that since everyone has different hardware. It just feels unnatural as it is now. Also I assume you are doing some type of interpolation between METARs? Reason I ask is just seems like I see a group of clouds over there and there, but nothing in between. Thanks!
  11. Crash "parsing METAR"

    KGRK? Interesting...I was starting at Twentynine Palms. I'd be highly impressed if you were painting clouds across 3 states while giving me 30+ fps.
  12. Crash "parsing METAR"

    Just had a crash starting's the logs. Thanks!
  13. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2.2 Has Been Released!

    Ok, will cancel and try firefox. Success. Not sure what the problem was...but got it (no more downloads available but shouldn't be a problem). Thx.
  14. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2.2 Has Been Released!

    No, just using chrome. It's still stuck at now 6.0 MB. 2nd attempt...didn't want to burn my allotment. Thx.
  15. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2.2 Has Been Released!

    I can't even download, it starts, stalls and that's it. First try, 1 MB downloaded, now it's stuck on 5.9 MB of 91.8 MB. Please advise.