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  1. ILS and Turn-around mode.

    This happens when I load a saved flight with Turn-around mode selected in the previous session rather than when making changes in the same flight. I am currently flying in and out of Shannon (EINN) but the location has not proven relevant in this case as ILS works fine in other aircraft here.
  2. ILS and Turn-around mode.

    Has anyone else noticed that when starting from the Turn-around option from the Preflight menu, that the ILS does not work. This is very annoying as starting from Turn-around mode skips waiting the 13 minutes for the IRS to align. ILS works fine from the Dark and cold and Ready to fly state.
  3. Autopilot Disconnect Alarm on final

    Don't know how I missed that. I'm an idiot ! Thanks.
  4. Autopilot Disconnect Alarm on final

    Is there any way we could have a custom button binding to shut of the AP Disconnect alert sound when on final approach. I find having to grab for my mouse and click on the on screen AP annunciator, a huge distraction when trying to follow the FD. If this cannot be achieved, then perhaps the alert could be timed to stop after a few short seconds.
  5. Annunciators flickering on APU startup

    Your right. The strange thing is that my tanks were half full at the end of my last flight. I thought that the latest hotfix carried fuel quantities over to the next session, instead it seems to of defaulted to zero fuel in all tanks? Thanks for the help.
  6. Annunciators flickering on APU startup

    When trying to start the APU, the annunciators began to flicker and the rest of the plane stopped functioning. I reloaded the plane and the same thing happened again. It continues to be a problem. This began after the latest hotfix was installed 1.0.3. I will see if reinstalling the plane will help.