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    Entering LAT/LON in fmc

    Is it possible? I have a flight plan with these in it, but it gives an error. In the IXEG & XP11 format it is FPL. Error I get is Point Not Found. Like this: KMDW SID 4153N08729W DCT GSH DCT ASHEN DCT NAPOL DCT MAYZE DCT DJB DCT ACO DCT EWC DCT IHD DCT 3960N07905W DCT 4001N07854W DCT 4002N07852W DCT 4003N07851W DCT 4005N07852W DCT 4005N07854W DCT 4005N07856W DCT 4003N07856W DCT 4002N07856W DCT 4000N07850W DCT GRV DCT ESL DCT DRUZZ DCT WEWIL DCT NEVVR DCT FORGT DCT SEPII DCT ALWYZ DCT AML DCT NUMMY DCT 3850N07703W DCT 3852N07701W DCT 3854N07703W DCT 3852N07706W DCT 3845N07657W DCT 3843N07659W DCT 3843N07702W STAR KDCA
  2. RocketRod

    Go Flight Modules Problems - W/ Xplane 10

    I have the GF166A & a GF-P8 connected to a powered USB hub and have no issues. Are your connections to a USB3 port? try a USB2 port.
  3. RocketRod

    Creating Photo Scenery with g2xpl

    Thanks! Simple and straight-forward. Now to try it.
  4. RocketRod

    XPlane Cockpit

    No I am not. I have been called RocketRod since 1977. Been around the flightsim community since 1986. I used Loe's cards in my last pit, 727-100, worked very well.
  5. RocketRod

    XPlane Cockpit

    Really they aren't. Many before you had that same reaction. It's all in what you want to do. Get started, get involved in the community of cockpit builders, and help will be abundant! I also had no idea on how to do anything, solder switch's, wiring, etc. It all came into grasp with trying, failing and asking for help. It becomes a passion. Start on a small scale, enhance your desktop system with some off-the-shelf modules that you can incorperate into a full cockpit. Have a look at Goflight radios. USB plg-n-play and work in x-plane with a python script already available.
  6. RocketRod

    XPlane Cockpit

    Epic cards, while still viable are 1st generation technolgy. Here is a link for cards I used: http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/
  7. RocketRod

    XPlane Cockpit

    James Price has done it in FSX and now it runs on X-Plane 10. He is using Epic cards and controllers. Takes much more programming but is very do-able. Stop by cockpitbuilders.com I bought the majority of my parts from http://www.oncealoft.com/ (Seats, Overhead, and even had him refinish my control yokes). I have since sold my 727-100 cockpit. Here is a video link:
  8. RocketRod

    XPlane Cockpit

    Having used some of the jetmax/flightdeck solutions, i also based the sim off of windows/fs9 systems. Those combinations work well together. But what you are asking utilizes many interfaces. FSUIPC/XUIPC and Project Magenta software. There are many choices on componet boards (you don't have to buy off-the-shelf modules). I think what you want to do is very-do-able with research. This hobby has been around long enough to not have to reinvent the wheel.