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  1. Same problem here on Windows 7
  2. XP 11.11 - how to assign the Condition levers?

    Thanks, people. I really should have read the manual! I was thinking it was more of a XP11 thing. But the autopilot not working too well, so it is going back in the hangar until 1.5 comes out.
  3. I understand that V1.4.1 is not XP 11 compatible yet. But I see a number of people flying around in it in XP 11, so I guess it is possible. One of the first problems I have come across is that I cannot get the Condition levers to be assigned to any hardware. There used to be a panel on the Gizmo menu that required that you assign the Condition levers every time you opened the aircraft. This panel has gone and I can see no way to assign the levers to my CH Eclipse yoke levers. If I go into the XP setup panel, I don't see anywhere that I can assign my hardware. I am perfectly willing to wait until 1.5 comes out, so it is not a big deal.
  4. Cant set course for GPS.

    This is exactly the point I think slash128gnr was addressing. You should be able to move the Course needle on the HSI when in OBS mode. That seems to be the whole point of the exercise. It does work like this in XP 11 with other aircraft, but I have no idea about the SAAB. So I don't think it is a XP 11 bug.
  5. XP10 vs 11

    I have both and for a while I was switching between the two. One problem with XP 11 is that a number of aircraft have not been upgraded to work with it. So if you have an aircraft that you fly a lot, then you may want to check that it works in XP 11. XP 11 has problems with operations on the ground, like taxiing and a few other issues. Some aircraft, like the IXEG or the SAAB 340 load up ok in XP11, but have problems on the ground that may effect you. I find I can no longer fly either of these aircraft in XP11, so I don't. Updates for XP11 are a long time coming, so don't count on anything being updated for XP11. If these are the aircraft you want to fly, then stay in XP 10. The other problem is that XP 11 is fairly buggy - whereas XP 10.5 was fairly stable, as these things go. I guess this could vary a lot though - personally I am now on XP 11.1b7 and it seems pretty good. After switching back and forth a lot, but mainly flying in XP 10, I am now pretty happy with XP 11.1b7. More importantly, I have found an aircraft in the Carenado DO-228 that has been made for XP 11 and works well. I now fly only that aircraft and everything is great.
  6. Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    I have seen a few videos of this plane on Twitch and Youtube. I am wondering how they did it as I simply cannot even takeoff. It is frustrating.
  7. Unable to take off

    thanks for the reminders on the config alarm. I use 5 degrees flap, trim is in the green. Spoliers might be the issue. I think they might be armed, but will check. I might do up a small video clip to show the problem.
  8. Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Tried the new MU-2 in XP 11.05r2. Did not try taxiing as started the plane at the end of the runway. But during the takeoff roll, the thing went into uncontrolled, high speed ground loops. It was amusing and totally against science. There is no way such a heavy aircaft could spin at these speeds - it was like a merry-go-round. I did check for even spool up of the engines and applied power very smoothly and gradually, but even if one engine had died (it hadn't) the spinning would not have been like it was. It spun to the left, if that means anything.
  9. Unable to take off

    Back in XP 11.05r2 last night and I had the same issue trying to get the 733 off the ground. This time I could eventually take off, but very difficult. I checked the calibration of the rudders and everything else. No problem there. The warning horn sounds at about 1/3 throttle - perhaps that is a hint. Is there a list somewhere of what triggers this alarm? Mind you - am having serious problems with a lot of aircraft. The latest MU-2 seems totally hopeless (not compatible) in XP 11. Still, small steps.
  10. Unable to take off

    The "some brakes still applied" is a very good suggestion. Will check that out. I have not flown XP10.52 for ages, so perhaps something has come adrift. The engines were certainly spooling up to 100% - even had some warning lights on at max power. Frankly, getting XP to work (ie get frame rates past 30, everything working) is such a tiresome exercise I am not always up to the challenge. I need to refortify my chakras or something as it is so frustrating.
  11. Unable to take off

    I have not been flying XP much in the last few months for various reasons. I gave up on XP 11 as simply too many bugs to contend with. So I am back on XP 10.52 and I am trying to get the 737-300 to work again. I have installed the latest 1.2 and I use Windows 7. One of my problems is that I cannot get the plane to take off. I seem to be able to taxi ok, although it does take a lot more power than what I suspect it really needs, although the high fuel load might account for that. For this test flight I started the aircraft with engines running and a full fuel load - a lot (whatever was loaded by default). I did not touch the FMC at all - so that was also loaded as default. I lined up with the runway, set 5 degrees of flap and then tried to take off. The engines spooled up ok, but the plane did not move. I checked that the parking brake was released. But no movement. The out of config alarm was sounding for some reason, but the plane eventually got rolling slightly. It felt to me like all the tires had blown, perhaps, or the plane was taking off through quicksand. Something very wrong. I am not after a serious debug session here. There are so many problems with XP I am frankly getting tired of trying to keep it working. But I am wondering if there is something obvious that I am overlooking. I have done a LOT of flights in XP over the years and a fair number with the 737, so I am not a total novice. But this is a new one on me - sitting there with both engines running at full power and barely moving is novel.
  12. 1.4.1 not working for me - sound files missing

    Thanks - that seemed to do the job! It was a bit of a surprise - I thought the update was for XP 11. Not so, but it is still a welcome update and look forward to XP 11 compatibility.
  13. 1.4.1 not working for me - sound files missing

    I have tried that - it does not seem to work.
  14. 1.4.1 not working for me - sound files missing

    ok, that makes sense. So I downloaded the file again from my account/orders page. The zip file i downloaded was named "", so that looks good, but the same as before. The folder in the zip file is also seemingly correct. ie "Saab 340A 1.4.1". The main file in this folder is "S340A-windows-installer.exe" 10.4megs, 6/07/2017 7:31pm and Product Version So I installed yet again, with the same (faulty) results. Not sure what to do next. Is the file that I am downloading the correct one?
  15. I just updated to V1.4.1 from an early version (Jan or so). Now it comes up with a lot of sound files missing eg warng: 287.359: sound.loadEx(): Error: File not found:(F:/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/Saab 340A/Passenger Variant/sounds/toggle.wav) there are about 94 of these missing sound files. Also this line error: 287.572: FT_New_Face failed (there is probably a problem with your font file): F:/X-Plane 11/Resources/GNS430/Resources/ProFontWindows.ttf debug: 287.580: X-Aviation Licensing: Auto license update is on. debug: 287.580: X-Aviation Licensing: License days remaining: 14.91 - No update required. debug: 287.580: X-Aviation Licensing: Update required when <= 2.00 days. debug: 289.929: tt.register... debug: 289.929: tt.register... There are NO files at all in this folder - just subfolders (alert, contact, engine, system and weather). These sub folders have a few sound files in them, but nothing in the main folder. Name of product(s) - : SAAB 340A I guess I need all these sounds files from somewhere. I submitted a support ticket a week ago, but no answer from there. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt