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  1. Hovercat

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Airfighter, thank you very much for your continuos effort to improve this beautiful airplane! These changes will make the airplane more fun and complete. Looking forward to flying it! Thanks! Jonas
  2. Hovercat

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    I think i have found a small bug: When i manipulate the altitude wheel on the autopilot panel, it changes the displayed altitude on the pfd not corretly. When you scroll up, it changes from 400ft to 1500ft, then at 1900ft to 1000ft again. It only shows when not using STD pressure and happens every 1000 ft... Maybe you could incorporate the fix in your next update. Everything else works flawlessly! Its a great airplane! Thanks again!
  3. Hovercat

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Hello @airfighter, i have a problem with the installer. It downloads the files very slow. Its only 4KB/s, it would take over 10 hours to download. I tried a restart and reconnenct to the internet, but it didnt help. Maybe an issue with the x-aviation server at the moment? I will try again later!
  4. Hovercat

    Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    Yesss, thanks so much!
  5. Hovercat

    Work In Progress Screenshots

    Goran, I suspect you are busy with the X-Plane 11 updates for the Saab etc... But do you have any interesting stuff from the Citation to show? Its so quiet here... Would be great to see a few more pics when possible! Thanks and uhhh i hope for a release next year! Greetings!
  6. Hovercat

    Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    How is it going? Would love to fly her with the new FMC in X-plane 11!
  7. Hovercat

    Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    Looking very good! I was also thinking about adding the XP11 FMS into the plane, since i had enough of X-FMC. Good thing you are doing this! Keep up the good work! Thanks!
  8. Hovercat

    Your personal Accident Report

    "A Piper PA-28 Arrow III crashed on a IFR flight into Hof Airport (EDQM). The airplane crashed while on approach in IMC. Later investigation found out, that the pilot, who was the only person on board, extensively deflected the rudder while flying the procedure turn for the ILS 26, which led to a unsteady approach and a subsequent stall of the right wing. The pilot couldn't end the stall before hitting the ground ca. 6 NM before the threshold." Contributing factors were: - using a joystick with a twistgrip - Night time - Close proximity to the ground - lacking flying knowledge - Possible ice accumulation on the wings The aircraft was declared missing by Munich Radar, after the pilot quickly disconnected from Vatsim...
  9. Hovercat

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.0

    I am in for a simple 2d traffic depiction on the EHSI, too. (I wouldnt call it tcas...) Forgive me my ignorance, but aren't you guys using the default x-plane weather radar, of course with multiple layers on top? Maybe it would be "relative" simple to add the default traffic symbols to that layer and customize the texture of the traffic symbols? I personally wouldn't care much about the various different symbols and "modes" (filled diamond, dot, squares etc.) but just to have a very basic indication of surrounding traffic maybe with a relative altitude. I'm just thinking out loud, you probably had this idea already years ago Greetings Jonas
  10. Hovercat

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.0

    Ok, fair enough! Thanks for your answer, Jan! Jonas
  11. Hovercat

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.0

    Regarding TCAS: Does that mean i am not going to see those "diamonds" at all, or does it only mean there wont be any pitch commands and call outs? I would love to see even a "simplified" indication of traffic on the map for better situational awareness. Greetings Jonas
  12. Hovercat

    Cessna Citation and other things.

    At first i thought, i am watching a video and started wondering, why they where starting the engines with their doors still open. I am not very bright... But nice sounds!
  13. Hovercat


    WOW, why is there not much interest in this? Claude, thank you very much for your effort. I think i have to try it! But first i have to test with the demo version, to see if smart copilot works on my system... Maybe i'll write you an e-mail, if i have questions Thank you, Jonas
  14. Hovercat

    "Too low gear" error on takeoff

    Is there any time frame for this update?
  15. Hovercat


    I would like to know that, too. Especially page 32 to 37.